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Fills and Brushes features the best free pattern fills and custom brush shapes that you can download and add to your Fill Gallery and New Brush Shapes section of the Line Gallery. (There are four separate pages).

To add any of the fill collections to Xara, first download the files from this site. Create a new folder and extract the Zipped files to this new folder. Open the Fill Gallery and press the Disc Fills... button. Browse to the new folder containing the fills. Select the file name and press Add. Xara will display a message informing you that no index exists for these fills and would you like one to be created. Press Create and Xara will create a new folder with small thumbnail images. That’s all there is to it.

Gary Bouton (OG-the other Gary) has contributed this set of 9
seamless tiling images (each image approximately 512 pixels wide).
Use them for backgrounds of for texture maps for 3D objects.
Click here to download a ZIP file (910K).


Kman's Greatest Hits - 11 Cool Custom Brush Shapes

Ken Wilson (kman) has been creating some really terrific and creative
custom brush strokes of late. He has generously made a
set of 11 of his very best brushes available to Xara Xone Visitors.
Click here to download (238K).

Fire Brush  C. J. Grayson

Start your own brush fire. Click here to download. (8K)

A collection of ink and paint brushes with transparency
donated by an anonymous artist.
Click here to download (42K) REVISED SEPT 15, 2005

Arrowhead Brush from Egg's Bramhill

Need a little direction in your life (don’t we all)?
Egg Bramhill’s Arrow Head Brush is just what you have been looking for.
Click here to download (7K)

New from Egg (Eric Bramhill) two new brushes that Egg calls Blocky Text and Blocky Text Holed (or With Holes). These brushes can be applied to text, paths, or any other shapes. Click here to download the 2 sets (71K).


Amanda's Fun Brushes 2

Amanda’s Fun Brushes 2 - 6 new Charming and decorative brushes. Click here to download (176K)

Amanda’s Fun Brushes - 6 Charming and decorative brushes. Click here
to download (282K)

Amanda’s Fun Brushes 3 - 6 more fun and decorative brushes. Click here
to download (426K)


spring brush

Spring Brush. Kind of like the coiled slinky toy. Click here to download. (8K)


Steve Newport's Smoke Brush

Steve has come up with a of most inventive brush. It mimics the ethereal quality of smoke. Follow the instructions above to use the brush. The outline color determines the color of the smoke. For the example above I used two versions, each a different size and a different color: pale blue and very pale tan. Click here to download the Zipped file (89K).


Checks and Stars fills by Christine Farrelly

Christine Farrelly, the Brushmistress of the Xara Conference Swap Shop - Brushes page, has contributed several cool new fill sets. We will add more sets in the next few weeks so be sure to check back. Click here to download the XAR file (188K).

If you have created any cool brushes or fills that you would like to share with the Xara users community, send them along to gary@gwpriester.com.



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