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Jim Degerstrom's RGB-HEX Color Converter

This terrific HTML document displays in your browser and can convert any RGB color to it’s Hexadecimal equivilant (and vice versa). Most website creation software requires Hexadecimal values for color specification and this is the perfect way to get these values. In addition, each time you select a color, the background color changes to display that color giving you a better idea how that color will look on an entire web page. Click here to download (5K)

rgb2cmyk version 1.3From Brian Etherington. Rgb2Cmyk version 1.3 is a freeware utility program for converting Xara X Pantone CMYK images exported as RGB TIFF files back to accurate Pantone CMYK format Tiff files. Click Here to go to Brian’s Free Stuff page.

Color Mixer 1.0No grass grows under Brian Etherington’s mouse! Color Mixer is his latest freeware utility that provides a new and improved way to mix colors. Click Here to go to Brian’s Free Stuff page. Click here to visit the XPal page where you will find an explanation and screen shots of Color Mixer.

X-Pal 3.3New and Improved! XPal 3.3 from Brian Etherington. XPal is a freeware utility that can edit and create PAL format palette files used by Xara X. 3.3 incorporates several user requests including an improved color harmony function, a new Gradient palette (from 16-256 colors) and a fix for Paint Shop Pro compatibility. CLICK HERE to go to the XPal page for more info about XPal and to download your free copy.

Character Map ProCharacter Map Pro Alexandre Gorbatchef has give us permission to make this freeware utility available to Xone visitors.

Similar to the Windows utility, (but better and more powerful) this version writes nothing to either your system folder or Registry. It supports a variety of character sets including Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek, Russian, and other character sets (even Mac). The screen displays all the available characters in a selected font. You can copy one or more characters and then paste the characters into Xara, or any other text editing situation. Click here to download this cool freeware application. (232 K)

Ansel Adam's Zone System Grayscale

Erik Heyninck provides this Zone System Grayscale Chart. “You can easily adjust your monitor's midrange brightness with it, as all the grays must be clearly discernible (under the proper lightning conditions).“

“The Zone System is a method of dividing the gray values between and including black and white into eleven levels. Black is Zone 0, White is Zone 10. Zone 1 is dark gray without detail, Zone 9 is light gray without detail. Zone 5 is medium Gray. It was invented by the great photographer Ansell Adams and is very popular with photographers. Nowadays with computers it isn't that difficult anymore, but I remember Sundays in my small darkroom trying to "develop for the lights" in the images I had "exposed for the shadows".

Beneath the Zones I have added the corresponding RGB values. When the numbers in any RGB value are identical, you get a gray. So when you enter these numbers on the chart in the R, G and the B value, you get these grays.

FREE PowerPoint Finance Printable Template created in Xara and made available by Steve Knight of Power2Present.com, a Web site offering PowerPoint templates. The Finance Printable Template is from Volume 4. Each 30 volume contains a set of 4 templates in presentation and printable form. Click Here to go to the Templates page where you can download the file.

Memorex CD Label Template. “I noticed on XaraXone that the templates for CDs are only for the Neato ones.  I've made a very basic template for Memorex CD labels. Feel free to post it online.” James Kasyan, (Begining Xara user). Click Here to go to the Templates Page.

Tony Roberts' EnvelopesNew Mould Tool Envelopes from Tony Roberts Just arrived in the mail, 7 new envelope shapes from the Envelope Master himself, Tony Roberts.

To download this latest set of envelopes, and for tips and envelope tricks, Click Here.

Tony Roberts' Envelope ShapesTony Roberts has generously contributed a set of 11 Envelope Shapes (like the one shown on the left). You can copy the envelope shapes and then paste the envelope shape to a selected object using Xara’s Mould Tool. Click Here to see all 11 shapes, a mini-tutorial, and download link.

Color CombinationsA helpful color wheel provided by Jens G. R. Benthien, which  demonstrates harmonious color combinations in CMY and RGB. The instructions for use are contained in the Xara XAR file in the self-extracting Zipped package. Click Here to download the file.

The color wheel is free to all Xara users but may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without written permission from Jens G. R. Benthien.

  • New! CD Label Templates from Michael Schaefer
  • CD and audio cassette label templates by Joel Schilling
  • Wide Format Printing Template from John Clements

Download now in the Templates page.

Joel Schilling  has created four new templates to automatically configure Xara to print 10 business cards on Avery’s die-cut stock and three others.

John Clements has  created a PowerPoint template. CLICK HERE to go to The Template Page.


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