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Ivan's Brush Shapes I and II
Ivan's Brush Shapes III and IV

Ivan Louette, a Xara Featured Artist, has generously contributed 18 custom brush shapes for use with Xara X. Each brush has been pre-created by Ivan and can be copied and applied to any path shape (see mini-tutorial below). The brush shapes come in two Zipped Xara files of nine brush shapes in each file.

Click Here for Brush Set #1 (43K)
Click Here for Brush Set #2 (784K)
Click Here for Brush Set #3 (387K)
Click Here for Brush Set #4 (55K)

Brush mini-tutorial

Ivan has already done the hard work for you. All you need to do is to open the file, select a brush shape, Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl C), select a path, or paths, and Paste Attributes (Shift Ctrl v), or from the Edit pull down menu, select Paste Attributes.

You can alter the size of the brush shapes by increasing or decreasing the paths line weight.

You can further modify the placement, size, rotation, and more by selecting the path, selecting the Freehand Tool, then selecting Edit Brush on the Infobar at the top of the screen.

ivan's Rose clip artIvan is addicted to roses, in a good way, of course. He is an avid rose gardener and cultivator.

He has made a package of 9 line art rose images available for you to modify and color. (I used one of his images to create the rose shown on the right).

examples of Ivan's Rose Clip artShown here are the nine rose outlines. To download your free copy, Click Here (204K)


And check back often. Ivan will be adding new brush shaped and clip art from time to time!



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