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Holiday Lights Brush

Just in time for the holidays! Use David’s Holiday Lights Brush to add a festive touch to all you do! Click here to download the free brush. (29K)

Christine's Numerical Brush Starter Kit

Christine Farrelly’s Lace Number Brush Starter Kit Four XAR files with complete alphabets which can be used to create your own lace brushes. All one needs to do is open the file select all and from the font gallery double click a font to see what the shapes will look like in that font. The font I have used is Arial as this should be installed on most PC's. I have created the basic 4 character shapes for one file. Then reversed the horizontal position on the next. The last 2 are the previous versions with all characters cloned and rotated 90 degrees.

As you will see even Arial can come up with some interesting shapes! Click here to download the Zipped set (36K)

Xara Xone - Rich Hoffman's Free Abalone Brush Set

Rich Hoffman who is a photographer par excellence and made 8 of his best photos of pearlescent abalone shells available as a set of custom fills that you can use and apply in Xara. Click here to download the Zipped file. (324K). Copy the fills to a new folder. Open Xara’s Fill Gallery, press Disc Fiils..., locate the folder with the fills and press Add. Xara will create a folder and thumbnails for each of the eight images.

Christine Farrelly's Lace Brush

Lace Brushes by the NumbersChristine Farrelly has produced a new set of brushes using numbers. This set of fun brushes include the numbers 2-0 (not sure what happened to 1). Click Here to download the zipped XAR file (148K).

If you are creating borders and want to have perfect corners, Click Here to download Christine’s Corners for Frames tutorial (33K).

Free Fur Brush Set

The Cute and Cuddley Fur Brush Set Following on the popularity of the September 2002 Teddy Bear tutorial, here is a set of custom fur brushes that are yours for the downloading. The set includes 4 natural fur color brushes in two sizes and a set of three “Punk” fur brushes. Click Here to download the zipped XAR file (13K).

Rainbow spheres brush
Puffy Clouds Brush

Two new brushes from your host (old G. W. Priester). Just download the Zipped XAR file (64K) and open the file in Xara. The two new brushes will be available in the Line Gallery (New Brush Strokes folder) and in the Select an Existing Brush drop down list on the Infobar (when the Freehand and Brush Tool is selected). Click here to download the file. Enjoy!

Christine Farrelly has generously contributed this outstanding set of Custom Brush shapes. To use these brushes, download and unzip the file and open it in Xara. The brush shapes will appear both at the bottom of the Select an Existing Brush drop down list (when the Freehand and Brush Tool is selected) and in the Line Gallery in the New Brush Strokes folder. You can use these beautiful brushes as is or use the Edit Brush feature to customize the brushes. Click here to download the Star Brush 3 set (40K)

Christine Farrelly's Star Brushes 3

But wait, there’s more! Christine Farrelly has been a very busy person. She has also created a nifty set of repeating patterns which can be repeated and placed inside a shape using Xara’s Apply Clip View feature (Arrange menu) or converted to bitmaps and applied as a bitmap fill via the Bitmap Gallery. You can add color to the grayscale images by placing any kind of fill over the tile and then applying transparency.

Click here to download the Repeating Patterns set (180K)

Christine Farrelly's Repeating Patterns



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