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Xara.com This is where it all started. Visit Xara’s home page to see what’s new. You’ll find an extensive gallery of Xara art as well as cool fonts, Xara 3D, WebStyle and more. This is the place to go to get the latest information on, and to purchase Xara products.

Xara Online Xara Online offer a wide range of plugins that work with most web authoring applications. New modules are added frequently so check back often.

Xara Products Find out more about Xara’s range of cool products here.

About Xara Who are Xara and where they are located.

TalkGraphics.com A group of forums dedicated to Xara products and other graphics related products. Often the quickest way to get the fastest answer to your questions.

TalkGraphics on Twitter Frequent Tweets on the hot topics and latest posts.

XaraGroup on Twitter Get the latest update news from Xara and other Xara related news.

The Xara Gallery on Graphics.com Free galleries of Xara art.

Websites Created with Xara Products
(Links taken from TalkGraphics Xara Web Gallery)

Do you have a website created with Xara Xtreme or Xara Web Designer? If your site is not listed on this page, Send us your URL and we’ll post a link here for the world to see.

www.mybuffalolawncare.com Site created with Web Designer Premium 7 - Dennis Niccola

Specialist Bid Writing  I had never built a site before and found Xara incredibly intuitive and simple to use. I've had lots of support from Xara Users and am really happy with the site. —Chris Maunder

www.ftbolderberg.be Site designed in Xara Web Designer Premium 7 —Johan Claes

the yesterday trilogy My book site, which I designed using Xara Web Designer 7. —Tim Beresford.

Slate Dining.com.au Having used Frontpage for many years in the past, I switched to Xara Web Designer and found it a wonderfully easy, straight forward product to use. Web Designer enabled me to produce web sites exactly as I envisioned them. I learnt most applications from the very informative tutorials. Thank you. —Niki Shapherd

expertgates.com This is my electric gate automation business website. The website was created using Xara Web Designer 6, possibly the best and easiest web design software on the market. —Colin Proctor

www.thelilylocket.co.uk Created using XARA and Designer Pro 7 web template – so easy. We’ve always used XARA and, I suspect, its forerunner “Computer Concepts – Artworks” on the BBC computer. Great software at a reasonable price. —Geoff Latham

www.gvsalto.nl The Amsterdam Gym Club site was created in XWD6. Some specialities: I made customer buttons (from of their logo) and tried to use a static but flexible easy to use design. —Frans

www.join-npbr.tk We modified an existing template. The site is up but we still have some work to do. The English version of the site, however is fully published. Hanike Treisce

thegreygeek Designed with Xara Designer Pro 7. This site is geared to a few different viewers. 1) perspective clients; 2: Family members and 3: Friends, and 4 Me. Obviously, I will be adding stuff and making changes, perhaps often —Bob Rhode

bluewatersportsmansassociation  I use this site Designer with Designer Pro 6 as a showcase of my design work and try to include as many different design elements as I can while still making it look good. —Jim Hanus

www.produse-manichiura.ro I used Xara Web Designer 7 for several sites and it is a great, great product. —Sunshine

www.atlantys-concept.fr/ Here is my website that was created with Web Designer 6 —Dom

ChurchKids.org I do our church bulletins, tracts, and handouts all with this incredible program. —James Curtis

www.theepsa.org This is my company website that I created with Xara. —Fred Jean-Francois

Gardens of Madison County The original site was built with Microsoft Frontpage. This year she wanted to totally redesign the site. After reviewing several web design applications we choose Xara Xara Web Designer 7 Premium. It turned out to the a great choice.

The new site provided much more detail than the previous site and was well received by the school members and much easier to create and maintain than Frontpage. —Madalan Lennep

smokingun.co.uk All design work done with Xara Designer Pro 6 but programmed in php —Brian Etherington

www.b-loved.org/ This website was created with Web Designer 6 —Kenn Tetley

FusionPlast This was my first website and I am very pleased with it too. I used Xara Designer Pro 6. Xara makes some remarkably sophisticated things quite easy. —David Hurst

Katthoefer Golf Design This website was created with magix web designer 6.  Very easy to work with it. –Ulrich Katthoefer

Viktor Hauer Works I created this website with Xara Web Designer 7 Premium. I just love working with this software. The page is about my work with music, music instrument building, Bryce graphics and animations. —Viktor Hauer

focusglobal.in I created this website using Xara Web Designer 7 Premium. Awesome tool, enjoyed working on it. —Vijay

kumagaiganka.com This website was created with XARA Xtreme and Web Designer. All the text used in this web site is Japanese. All the graphics are made with Xara. —Naoki Kumagai, Japan

www.im-air-conditioned.com was Designed with Xara 7 Premium which is a fantastic product and gets full praise from me. The software enabled me to create a fresh and unique website much different than the competition for an exciting new outdoor group fitness class in London. —Nigel

ch1hydroponics.co.uk/ Web site created with Xara Web designer  7 Premium. —Phil Hughes

www.montingdoo.com This website for prefabricated homes was created in Xara Web Designer 6. —Denis Had

v-photofolio.narod.ru Digital Photography was created using Xara Designer Pro 6. Only in Russian. —Victor.

Cheshire Groundworks Ltd Here are 2 sites I’ve done using XWD6, It’ a brilliant program, just purchased the Latest version XWD7 even better with the Sitemap option, the ability to add a favicon and the Header code. —Preston Keel

www.hotelhelios.fr This site for the Hotel Helios was made with Xara Web Designer 7 —Sylvain Boas

Mini Marquee Company Site created with Web Designer 6. —John Sadd

Power Care Ltd I used XARA Web Designer Pro 6 to create this site. —Ashish Purmanund

G&G Cleaner Site created with Xara Designer Pro 6. It's in Greek language and about G&G Cleaner, a software product we created, for dry cleaners. —George Stathis

Thamesford Chiropractic I used Xara Designer 6 and Xara Xtreme 5 to create a website for Thamesford Chiropractic. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I have nothing but the highest praise for Xara’s software. —Harald  Rosenfeld D.C.

Howard Sandy Designs I used the new Designer Pro 6 from Xara. It has been a great tool for industrial design concepts and illustrations. This was my third purchase from Xara. I would highly recommend this product. —Howard Sandy

Donnel’s Consulting I created this site using Xara Designer Pro 6. I never have used a program that is as easy to use than this one with all the features included. —Mike Donnel

www.thetimetwins.com I have learned a lot (and have much more to learn) Site created in Xara Designer 6. —David Benskin Macks

MarkHeadPhoto.com All the work I did in entering my photos into redbubble all those months ago has paid off now and it was beautifully easy to enter those widgets into the Xara system, and I now know what a widget is and believe you me it has saved me a heck of a lot of work! —Mark Head

fjchurch.org I was asked to recreate an outdated church website that had been built using Frontpage. I wanted the new site to reflect the rural and western feel of the local community. The intuitive nature of Xara allowed me to design the site as I imagined it during construction. —James Beane

AM Design These days all the web site we build for customer we use Xara Web Designer 6  and now mainly Xara Designer Pro 6  for, as it’s a fantastic program that help produce  great web sites quickly plus saves a lot of time on coding. —Allen Mayhew

Waypoint This website was designed in Xara Web Designer 6.  Using Web Designer I was able to renovate one of my old web sites into something much more attractive in just a few hours. —Jonathan Moy

newbie2webdesigner.com I created this site entirely in Xara Web Designer 6.  The purpose of the site is to guide beginners (newbies :) through a 7-step series of articles so that they emerge with the knowledge of how to design and publish their own websites (using Xara products).  It’s very new, but continually evolving as i add new articles and content on a regular basis. – —Jonathan Lake

www.deltapoint.com.au Graphics & flash purchased from 3rd party - site created in Xara Web designer 6 —Richard Blakemore

www.lunetlautre.com Men’s clothing boutique in Québec city, province of Québec, Canada. The first version of this site was done with Dreamweaver CS4. The most important difference with Designer Pro 6 is the ease of working with the elements on the page, photos, design, colors, menus, etc. Congradulations to Xara Team. —Jean-Antoin Dumas

www.thenafd.com New project done with DP6, replacing the older version of the site done originally with Dreamweaver. This is the home page for the National Association of Flour Distributors:  (note: the photo galleries were built using Jalbum, and embedded in pages managed by DP6 - fun!) —Jon Strong

www.nextlevelairbrush.com I wanted to submit my website that I've created in Xara Designer Pro 6. I'm working on one with fly out menus currently, and the tutorials are helping out a lot. —Taff Stephens

www.bridgeace.com My bridge club site was originally created in 2001 with Frontpage. Recently redone with Xara Web Designer. It looks a whole lot better now. The site shows how inline frames can work with Web Designer. I also use some java apps. —Rich

audiodesign.no I created this home page entirely in XARA Designer 6 and Xara 3D. —Øyvind Driveklepp

www.soufflenouveau.org Hi! Until last year, we were using FrontPage 2003. Well, for our needs, we prefer Web Designer 6 much more! What a great (and fun) software!!! Keep up the good work. Below, see our URL. Thanks! —Jean-Pierre Soucy

www.sportsense.com.au I used to use a html editor and struggled for a long time to make a nice looking web site. I also struggled with making graphics. Then I found Xara Xtreme 5, what a breeze. Now I do my graphics and website creation all in one product. I love it. —Brian Eyley

desertrealestateinfo.com I created our real estate website using Xara Web  Designer 6. It's a great program and friendly too. —Tom

www.hcrweb.co.uk Website for local computer repair service. All done in XWD6. —Howard Hammond-Edgar

La Boutique biogeek Site de la boutique biogeek réalisé avec Xara Web Designer 6 —Rene Blanc

XS-IT Consultancy Site created with Web Designer 6. —Ruud Wiering

www.il-salotto.de Our website was created originally with WD 5 and then transferred and finalized with WD 6. It’s our Italian wine bar and Caffè in Oberursel, Germany —Holger Krugg

designs-and-images.com Created in Xara Web Designer 6. —Pamela I. Wyeth

cricket.hibs.school.nz/ Created with Web Designer 6 —Kevin Keys

New Jersey Renaissance Faire When a friend asked for a website to be created fast I thought I'd check out  Xara one more time before resorting to Dreamweaver, PhotoImpact, Paintshop Pro,  etc. I wound up with Xara Xtreme 5, and loved the fact that I could create a website just about as intuitively and quickly as I could draw a page. Perfect! —Jonathan R. Strong

www.marciamedia.com Created in Xara Web Designer 6 —Marcia

www.michiganimaging.com/ The site was originally started in Xara Xtreme  and now updated with Web Designer 6. —Jim Hanus

www.nazumi.de - Is a Fasching (German Marti Gras) Club website for my local club done entirely from scratch, using Xara Xtreme Pro 5 —Eric Butters

RhettRO CreativeA  blank web page is the canvas, used to paint a portrait of your business.” Created with Web Designer 6 - Rick Owens

interkent Created with Xara Web Designer

marshallsamusements.co.uk/  I used Xara Designer and Xara Xtreme Pro 5. Very good programs to use—I think the best. —Dave Belton

www.mowebyn.com Site created with Xara Xtreme 5 Pro —Anthony Kessler

studios.redbulldawg.com I'm a novice but I love how user friendly Web Designer is. It lets be more creative without worrying so much about the HTML coding. It also saves me a tons of time. —Carlos Alvarado Jr

www.darulweb.co.uk Designed in Xara Xtreme 5 Featuring animations created in Xara 3D6 and Xara Xtreme 5 flash. —Anas

Brambles/ - A shop for the ladies I created using Xara Extreme Pro 5. —Malcolm

www.tailspindesigns.com I used Xara Xtreme and Xara Web Designer to create it. Love those XARA  programs! Thanks and kudos on the continued creative  inspiration!!! —Jen Grazulis

JourneyDance Made with Xara Web Designer and Xara Xtreme 5.0 —George Stathis

www.180degreesdesign.co.uk My own company site created with Xara Xtreme Pro and Flash —Paul Berry

www.addecotech.com I developed the original site in Xara Web Designer. I now maintain the site using Extreme Pro. —Revett Eldred

http://arley-koran.com - Site of author Arley J. Koran, his mystery, children and holiday books. —Kythera Ann

mypetartstudio.com/ Created in Xara Web Designer —Don Donsen

www.hgsobsc.com/ site designed and made in Xara Web Designer by John Cooper for a Birmingham UK based water polo team, Handsworth Grammar School Old Boys Swimming Club. —Derek

Total PC+ Site created in Xara Xtreme 5 Pro —Steve Ledger (sledger)

thefarmgarden.co.uk Created in Xara Web Designer and Xtreme 5
—Peter & Jeannette  Smith

japsistarat Created in Xara Web Designer. A website for a Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club in Finland. —Timo Saarno

inpactopr.com Site designed with Xtreme 5 Pro —Lionel Valentin

www.spinland.biz Created in Xara Xtreme Pro 5 —Mark Dyson (spinny)

www.bridgefit.co.uk My personal health and fitness site created in Xara Web Designer —Steve Bridegeman

www.storstadenslas.se Designed in Xara Webstyle and Xara Web designer. All of the text is Swedish, but maybe anyone from Sweden can read it :) —Mats Aava (keyman)

713training.com a company that provides training and support to virtual bankruptcy assistants. Created with templates. -Victoria Ring

WhereDidTheMoneyGo.com Website created with Xara Web Designer —Richard Blakemore

www.coupons2view.com Submitted by LadyBug

gwpriester.com Designed in Xara Xtreme 5 Pro by Gary W. Priester All graphics created in Xtreme. Websites created in NetObjects Fusion.

www.freyalaughton.co.uk Submitted by Cristofa - Designed in Web Designer and Xara Xtreme

www.aaagraphicsanddesign.com Submitted by islecul8er

qualitytooldesign.com Submitted by bde2012

blitzmaxcoder.com Submitted by Arowx

www.byronbayphotographer.com Submitted by Tao Jones

www.nepomuk-hebbelschule.de Submitted by FlySolo

www.soulidify.com Submitted by Dirtwad

Ray Truant Lab Submitted by Truant

thereadingers.com I made this website for our 55+ retirement community entirely with XARA Web Designer. Submitted by VietVet1968

www.jorgevilela.com Designed entirely with Xara Web Designer. Submitted by vileladesigner

www.troisbebe.com Design and portfolio site created with Xara Xtreme and Xara Web Designer. Submitted by TB06

www.calabash.me.uk Site designed in Xara Web Designer. Submitted by martinwaring

kaddyshackatsam.com Site submitted by Sadicus

www.digital3000.co.uk Created in Web Designer and Xtreme. Submitted by Antspants

www.magnemyhren.no Site designed in Xara Web Designer. Submitted by magnemyhren

www.tenpuraben.co.cc Site designed in Web Designer. Submitted by Turocks

www.teamofo.com Designed in Xara Web Designer. Submitted by Bamfer

Introducing the Writer’s Book Created in Xtreme 5. Submitted by zz young

AceGroomingandBoarding.com Site created with Xara Web Designer. Submitted by Infoseek

www.outletparquet.net Created with Xara Web Designer. Submitted by  ceramik

www.leedsnasuwt.org.uk Created with various Xara products. Submitted by cobbles end

www.gayfordgallery.com Submitted by redbear

www.blades85.com Submitted by Slavelle

www.zindesign.co.uk Created with Xtreme Pro. Submitted by futureproof

www.brauncewellquarries.co.uk Submitted by w00dy

ourwildamerica.com Designed in Xtreme 5. Submitted by Alan

www.fastprintingpr.com Created in Xtreme Pro 5. Submitted by Lionel

www.rdowninghomes.com  Created with Web Designer. Submitted by gsthunder

www.thebestyou.co.uk Designed in Xtreme. Submitted by Mermaid

www.tinkaroni.com Designed in Xara Web Designer. Submitted by Rotimi

www.isbl.org.br Created with Xara Xtreme and Web Designer. Submitted by vffinder