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NOTE: For a detailed tutorial on moulds and envelopes, please see Tony’s Mould Mania Guest Tutorial #12.

Tony Roberts Envelopes IITony Roberts has created a second set of envelopes shown here. To download the zipped file Click Here to download the file (21K).

To apply these molds, copy the mold shape you want to use (Ctrl C), select the Mould Tool, select the target object, and press the Paste Envelope Shape icon on the Infobar (the Clipboard icon).

applying mold shape to patern fill tutorialHow to apply
a mould envelope
to a pattern.

Tony Roberts mold shapes I

More Molds by Tony Roberts

The effects of the envelopes may be seen as applied to the checkered square shape.

Click Here to download the file (43K). Tony advises keeping the files separate and creating a clip art folder in the ClipArt Gallery so you can access the molds as needed.


Envelope shapes, when applied to a selected object, Mould the object’s (or group of objects’) shape to that of the envelope shape.

UnZip the file to a new folder. Open the Clipart Gallery and select Disc Clipart... Press the Browse button to the folder you just created. Press Add.

Xara will prompt you to Create a Clip Art Index. Press Create. (Xara will now create thumbnail images of all the envelope shapes).

Here is a brief tutorial for using these envelope shapes.

envelope mini-tutorial1. Open the Clipart Gallery (on the Infobar) and select one of the envelope shapes. Press Import to place the envelope in Xara or drag the shape from the gallery to the screen.

2. Copy or Cut the envelope shape to the clipboard.

3. Select the object or group of objects to which you wish to apply the envelope shape.

4. Select the Mould Tool.

Press the Paste Envelope button on the Infobar.


Click Here to send Tony a Thank You e-mail.



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