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Ian Hamilton
December 2000

A born digital artist, Ian Hamilton creates stunning and thought provoking images and entertaining
Web sites.

© 2000 Ian Hamilton

Rudolf Kahl
November 2000

Nature has a harder time creating flawless diamonds than this month’s featured artist who lives in Amsterdam.

© 2000 Rudolf Kahl

Eric Bramhill
October 2000

Former Merchant Navyman, Eric Bramhill has a fine eye for detail. It’s hard to believe when Eric says he has received no formal art training.

Green Sports Car ©Eric Bramwell

© 2000 Eric Bramhill

Image by Misha Petriychuk

Misha Petriychuk
September 2000

Misha Petriychuk was born in Kyrgizstan (Asian part of USSR) on 8 February, 1981.  Around 1997 Misha began to work with Corel Xara—the first computer program that he could use for real work.

© 2000 Misha Petriychuk

Cecilia Elman
August 2000

Los Angeles resident Cecilia Elman is the creator of HyperTex, The Technological Cowboy. Drop in and  say howdy!

Art by Cecilia Elman

© 2000 Cecilia Elman

Art by Nathan Heagy

Nathan Heagy
July 2000

Canadian designer and illustrator Nathan Heagy says of his own images, “A lot of my interesting work is, well, VERY strange.” Need we say more?

© 2000 Nathan Heagy

Image by Anthony Noa

Anthony Noa
June 2000

Anthony Noa is a fine artist who learned to paint in the classical way. He is also a former ballet dancer who now uses Xara as an artistic outlet and a training tool.

© 2000
Anthony Noa

Cole Schweikhardt
May 2000

Cole is the owner of Squidz Ink Design, which is beginning its third year of operation. The bulk of SID’s work is web based design, logo design and a gradual build of print design.

Logo by Cole Schweikhardt

© 2000 Cole Schweikhardt

Image by Dusan Kastelic

Dušan Kastelic
April 2000

A native of Slovenia, this month’s featured artist left a job as an elementary school teacher to pursue a (successful) career in design and illustration.

© 2000 Dušan Kastelic

Quentin Roper
March 2000

Perhaps living at the bottom of the globe (New Zealand) is what accounts for Quentin’s unique wit and artistic charm.
Then again...

Quentin Roper--Sheep

© 2000 Quentin Roper

William R. Clegg -- Dancer

William R. Clegg
February 2000

Visitors to the Xara Gallery will be familiar with Bill Clegg’s memorable images. Included in Bill’s show is his Corel World Design Contest–winning entry Border Freedom and the hauntingly beautiful Dancer (shown here).

© 2000 William R. Clegg

Gary W. Priester
January 2000

Launching year 2 is Featured Artist  Gary W. Priester who besides being a moderator and maintainer of the XaraXone and Xara Conference is a designer, illustrator and author.

Black Point Group Logo by Gary W. Priester

© 2000
Gary W. Priester

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Xara Artists Wanted

Are you a Xara Artist? E-mail us and give us the URL where we can view your images. Please do not send images as e-mail attachments.



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