August 2000
Cecilia Elman

My early cartoon drawings were terrible. For my first sale, the magazine editor mistakenly thought I had sent him a rough draft and asked if I could make my drawings look "more professional." I was too embarrassed to tell him that was the best I could draw (and was too cheap to send back the check.) In desperation, I taught myself how to draw cartoons using CorelDraw 3.0 and a mouse. It wasn't easy but my cartoons were published. Eventually I upgraded to CorelDraw 5.0 and finally to my current software CorelXara 2.0. I also switched from a mouse to a Wacom tablet.

Eventually becoming a digital cartoonist paid off. While most of the other Systems Analysts at work had boring assignments, I specialized in Intranet and Internet web design featuring cartoon animations. I also became a feature cartoonist with Document Management magazine in the mid-80s and have sold cartoons to Enterprise Systems Journal, Datamation and other national magazines. Currently, I am preparing my strip HyperTex the Technological Cowboy for submission to cartoon syndicates. I also sell comic books on my website In fact, if sales continue, I might become a hundred-aire by the end of the year!

Cecilia Elman

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Animation Tutorial by Cecilia Elman


Lan Hog by Cecilia Elman

LAN Hog (74K)

Mona Lisa by Cecilia Elman

Mona Lisa (66K)

Saturn (84K)

Politician by Cecilia Elman


HT and PC by Cecilia Elman

HT and PC (51K)

The E-Room by Cecilia Elman

The E-Room (22K)

Sheep by Cecilia Elman

Sheep (57K)

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