July 2000
Nathan Heagy

When I was 13 I started my own graphic design business which I operated under the name InkWell Design. At that age a business, even a technology business, is little more than an idea and a name. However thanks to a new program at the local Community College, set up to encourage young entrepreneurs, I was able to get funding to really get my business going - they gave me $100! I also learned CorelDraw 4 with the help of a mentor the College program paired me with and I continued to run the business while going to school.

During summer holidays I worked for a local paper and a print shop, both ran Macintoshes. When I turned 18 I was served legal documents from another company in British Columbia telling me that the name InkWell Design had been registed a year before so I quit using it. I later aquired the web domain heagy.com, and it became my operations HQ.

Back then CorelNET was *the* place to be for CorelDraw users. One popular part of the web site was run by a chap named Gary Preister. He did great tutorials for Draw. Then one month, he demonstrated a strange little program called Xara.

Needless to say, shortly after that I was converted. Computers suddenly, actually, seemed FAST. And, wow, it was like I didn't NEED 16mb ram!

I've tried to select pieces that showed the strange variety of work I've done. I've also tried to limit myself to work done primarily in Xara. Some CorelDraw work might have made it in, but I'll plead ignorance. A lot of my interesting work is, well, VERY strange. You can find it on my web site at http://heagy.com. And if you like the cow comics visit http://cowcomics.com for more of the same.

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Car Crash by Nathan Heagy

Car Crash (38K)

Chainsaw (15K)

Cope National (50K)

Camp Map by Nathan Heagy

Camp Map (37K)

Not Funny by Nathan Heagy

Not Funny (47K)

Cow Week by Nathan Heagy

Cow Week (26K)

Poster by Nathan Heagy

Poster (33K)

Web Site design by Nathan Heagy

Old Web Site (37K)

Logo by Nathan Heagy

Logo (7K)

Splash Screen by Nathan Heagy

Splash Screen (54K)

Animated Cube by Nathan Heagy

Cube Logo (11K)