May 2000
Cole Schweikhardt

Since that first still life in 4th grade a Gordon's Vodka bottle I've had a passion for creative expression.

I've painted oils, acrylics and obsessed over light / dark experiments in photography. None of it was done professionally, however. My professional life was in international shipping and then small business management in the oil and gas industry.


In an investigation into digital illustration, I purchased Xara 1.5. To be honest, Xara was cheap compared to other illustration programs ($250 at the time!!) & it received an honorable mention in a magazine review. So I snatched a copy to experiment in the wee hours of the night with the secret plan of changing careers eventually. The internet was just picking up steam as a tool for the business & the masses ... and man, did it need some visual assistance.


Squidz Ink Design is beginning its third year of operation. The bulk of the work is web based design, logo design and a gradual build of print design. Xara remains the tool I use most every day, especially for web graphics. I was originally planning to highlight mostly web designs here, but I found displaying them a bit problematic. Looking at tiny screen shots just doesn't do it for me & probably wouldn't for y'all either. So, I stirred up material that seemed more readily viewable as a "gallery". I've tried to span the Xara spectrum by including both illustrative and design pieces. If you want to peek at some of Squidz Ink Design's web work click the link below.

Cole Schweikhardt
Houston, Texas

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