October 2000
Eric Bramhill

Hello, my name is Eric and I'm a Xaraholic !

Computers in general have always interested me, but graphics in particular have been my consuming passion. Originally from Liverpool, I have lived the greatest part of my life in Harwich. I have no formal graphics training, having joined the British Merchant Navy at 16 and continued my sea career for 27 years, until 1991. After that I operated an airport taxi service for 9 years, but having decided that the tax man was earning more from my company than I was, I decided to start my own web design company. At present it's no more lucrative but anything beats being stuck on the London Orbital for hours on end !

My interest in computers goes back many years, my first computer being a Tatung Einstein which had the graphics capability of a lump of cheese. After that I purchased an Acorn A3000 which introduced me first to "Draw" then "Artworks" the developer of Xara. In fact I migrated to the PC because of Xara, but I still miss Acorns' OS and it's stability.

I'm married to Denise, my long suffering wife, who thinks that whenever I'm sat in front of my computer I'm having fun ( which I usually am, but don't let on ) I think she preferred it when I was at sea, at least she was positive I wasn't there then instead of just suspecting it now. I also have two fantastic daughters and two beautiful granddaughters to keep me in touch with reality.

I don't consider myself as an artist. What I do is draw on a computer. I can't draw with a pencil or paint with a brush, but I flip at the ability to produce on a monitor, with it's endless undo possibilities, the opportunity to delete and try again, to be able to zoom in on a particular part of a drawing, to clone, cut, add bitmap fills or transparencies. I find I never finish a drawing. I might return to it a year later and redefine it whilst having the opportunity to keep the original as it was. No traditional medium allows you to do this.

I hope you enjoy my work.


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Booking Ofice  Eric Bramhill

Old Booking Office 36K

Essex  Eric Bramhill

Essex Ferry 25K

Mobile Phone  Eric Bramhill

Mobile Phone 11K

Old Sports Car  Eric Bramhill

Old Sports Car 32K

Motorbike  Eric Bramhill

Motorbike 37K

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Dragon  Eric Bramhill

Dragon 55K

Harwich Harbor Board Crest  Eric Bramhill

Harwich HB Crest 52K

Dover Court Railway Station  Eric Bramhill

Railway Station 93K

Red Ensign  Eric Bramhill

Red Ensign 25K