January 2000
Gary W. Priester

I was born in strange time in a strange city. Sorry, that was the beginning that Oleg used for his biography, I just liked the way it sounded. I was born on the wrong side of the tracks in Beverly Hills, across the street from the high school that is featured in the TV series Beverly Hills 90210.

After failing my first attempt at Algebra, I decided that an architect was not something I was destined to become. Nor anything else that required skills in math. My high school yearbook instructor told me about Art Center (now Art Center College of Design) in Los Angeles and as they did not require math skill, I enrolled and somehow graduated.

I spent the next 25 years of my life in advertising, which paid well and there was no heavy lifting, unless you count shoveling the tons of horse excrement called advertising that  we created on a daily basis.

In mid-life, after coming close to being fired from my agency job -- I never was a team player -- my wife and I started our own graphic design company. We did this for 10 years until my wife suggested that I might get along better if it were just me. I must admit that I am the only person with whom I can get along. Mary now paints, and I do the design.

About six years ago, I was asked to write an article for the former Corel Magazine detailing the creation of our company logo. They liked the article, paid me a small amount of money and asked me to write more. And so began my third career, journalism. Today I write almost exclusively, creating between 8 to 12 articles a month.

I have had two books published, Looking Good in Color, Ventana Press (now out of print), and CorelDRAW Studio Techniques, Osborne, which I co-authored with Dave Huss.

I started using Xara about four years ago and have been madly in love with the product from the moment I first laid my mouse upon it. At the same time, I got involved with CorelNet (the predecessor to i/us) where I have been part of the family ever since.

This Featured Artist showing, in which I am honored to have been chosen (by myself) to have my work featured, is a retrospective of the images I have created in Xara. Many of the images were created as tutorials for the Trompe L'Oeil Room. I will link to these tutorials where appropriate.

I hope you enjoy the images and are inspired to create images of your own -- I'm running out of artists to feature -- so be quick about it, will you?.

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BPG Logo

BPG Logo 14K


Southwest 40K

Time is of the Essence

Time is of... 59K

Wine Glass

Wine Glass 48K

Rust in Peace

Rust in Peace 106K

The Snow hen

The Snowhen 27K

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Checkered Sphere 24K

Old Dude

Old Dude 50K

Xara Butterfly

Xara Butterfly 53K

Institute Logo

Institute logo 106K

Looking at Your

Looking at You 24K

New Year

New Year 38K