February 2000
William R. Clegg

I was born and raised in the small, upstate town of Endicott, New York. From the early age of 5, I was interested in art. My first drawing was of my dog, a Terrier called, Bozo. I still have that drawing.

I took all the drawing and painting classes that were available through my junior and high school years. After graduation I began working for IBM as technical illustrator. After a stint in US Navy I got married and then moved to Puerto Rico. I got a BAE from the University of Puerto Rico, with an emphasis in Fine Arts. I then began teaching art, drawing and painting, at junior/high school levels and then later, at the university level.

In 1973 I was an art director for a large silk-screen printing company. I acquired a much needed hands-on experience which laid the foundation for my later making the transition to full-time freelance artist in 1976.

All of my self-promotion was Clegg / Creative Artist. Creative Artist in the sense that I had worked in all of the mediums—even sculpture, and that whatever the client's needs, I felt qualified to to offer a satisfactory solution.

I developed from the basics of academic drawing and painting of the human figure, using all kinds of media. As I went along, newer media applications came on the market such as the airbrush. I then applied myself to this very intriguing gizmo. I became known as an airbrush artist. Since then the panorama of course has flowed towards a more conscious design world with much graphic expression— simplification of line, form and color. I've tried to stay on top of what's being currently produced.

Then around 1992 I saw a fellow fooling around on a computer with an art program called CorelDRAW!. This fascinated me but I was all reluctant to go for it. I thought it would be impossible to get color laid down like I did with my airbrush. How wrong I was! I didn't see it at the time. So, the computer became just another "tool" on my desk.

After a couple of years with CorelDRAW, along comes the GIANT of vector drawing programs...tada-a-a-XARA!

The rest is history and now I'm living it to the fullest by having this very special opportunity to show my work to the world. All of the work shown here was done entirely in XARA. I hope you enjoy the images.

William R. Clegg

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Reflections 41K


Dancer 42K


Orchid 31K


Fashion 31K

Racing the Sun

Racing the Sun 41K

Border Freedom

Border Freedom 50K

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TeleCoop 70K

NY Cola

New York Cola 40K


Peace 52K

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Senators 46K

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