September 2000
Misha Petriychuk

I was born in Kyrgizstan (Asian part of USSR) on 8 February, 1981. My name is Misha Petriychuk. Around 1997 I began to work with Corel Xara. This was the first computer program that I found that I could use for real work on my computer. (Before I just used the computer to play games). All of these samples images I made between 1997-98 using only a mouse.(and as I look back now, I think drawing with a mouse was very heroic!)

Now I work with a graphic tablet and I am glad to know that Xara works pretty good when you use a tablet.

I work on a city Newspaper Vecherniy Bishkek and do some Web design work as well. I like all abnormal things: abnormal people with abnormal ideas, for example. I hope you like my images.

Misha Petriychuk

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Yellow Car by Misha Petriychuk

Yellow Sports Car 17K

Chicken 17K

Homeless by Misha Petriychuk

Homeless 17K

Crazy Car by Misha Petriychuk

Crazy Cat 17K

Scully by Misha Petriychuk

Scully 17K

Photographer by Misha Petriychuk

Photographer 17K

Cat and Mouse by Misha Petriychuk

Cat and Mouse 17K

Fat Cat by Misha Petriychuk

Fat Boy 17K

Flowered Border by Misha Petriychuk

Flowered Border 17K

Buble Gum Phone by Misha Petriychuk

Gum Phone 17K

Secretary by Misha Petriychuk

Secretary 17K