April 2000
Dušan Kastelic

I was Born in 1964 in small mining town, Trbovlje, in the middle of Slovenia. I studied Geography and Arts. After graduating, I started to teach at a local elementary school, but I run away from there after the first year and instead found a freelance job as a Graphics Designer and Illustrator. I have been drawing comics since I was 3 years old. Over the last few years, I have been working mostly in multimedia, Internet, and programming (mostly games). Currently, I am in the middle of establishing my own animation and computer games studio (www.bugbrain.com).

My first contact with Xara came, when the editor of computer magazine gave me an assignment to write a review. Those were the times of old 486 computers and buggy Windows 3.1. At the time, I was using CorelDraw for design and illustrations. I remember that it used to take forever for Corel to refresh the screen preview every time I did a simple action. It was a nightmare! Those were the days when only computer maniacs, such as me, were using computers for these things.

When I tried Xara, it was love at first sight! Screen refreshing was at least 10 time faster than in CorelDraw, not to mention there was some really cool stuff, like fast bitmap manipulation, transparencies and more.

Dusan Kastelic

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Beach by Dusan Kastelic

Beach 94K

Euthanasia by Dusan Kastelic

Creatim 49

Exoscist by Dusan Kastelic

Exorcist 203

Fimera 99 by Dusan Kastelic

Poster for Fimera 18K

JBTZ Affair by Dusan Kastelic

The JBTZ Affair 16K

Brane by Dusan Kastelic

Screen Writer 71K

Brane by Dusan Kastelic
Brane by Dusan Kastelic

Brane 65K

Euthanasia by Dusan Kastelic

Euthanasia 232

Simulated Flightby Dusan Kastelic

Simulated Flight 31

Me and My PC by Dusan Kastelic

Me and My PC 65K

Brane by Dusan Kastelic

The Creator 62K

Rolling Bones by Dusan Kastelic

The Rolling Bones 95K

Zvonko 114K