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March 2000
Quentin Roper

I am an artist and have always enjoyed two particular streams in art; oil painting and drawing comics.

My interest in comics led to screenprinting, where I intended to publish short-run comic books. However my fine arts interest took over and I produced silkscreen prints for art galleries instead.

I stopped drawing comics for a long time until I bought a computer three years ago, and a wacom tablet. Computers are ideal for drawing comics, and Xara is made for drawing (and animating drawings). And it is a small step from comics to logo design, which I also enjoy.

All of my images featured here are done exclusively with Xara's default toolset. No filters or add-on programs, because I'd like to demonstrate to new users what you can do with the basic program. My usual Xara tools are: blend, colour gradient, arrange-combine shapes, and interactive transparency. I particularly like to keep my designs exclusively as vector images if possible. This allows further uses for the image.

Animation in Xara is a breeze if you like to draw. The live editing feature of the freehand tool (where you can add or subtract from the drawn outline), coupled with ctrl-C/ctrl-shift-V (to copy/paste in the same position onto a new frame) are my most used tools here.

Quentin Roper

River 44K

Logo 28K


Logo 15K

Sheep Animation 13K

Malaprop Animation 54K

Logo 13K

Animated Logo 9K

Ping Pong Animation 80K

Election Animation 22K

Fish 30K

The Psychiatrist Animation 54K

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