The Xara Trompe L'Oeil Room  Page 2

Make yet another duplicate ellipse and reduce the size to 16 by 18 pixels. Duplicate this and place these on either side of the nose.

Bring the nose to the front (Ctrl F)

Select the nose, then select the Transparency Tool. Select Linear from the drop down list on the Infobar. Drag the start and end arrows on the fill path as shown on the left so that the top of the nose fades into the face. The end of the transparency should stop short of the top of the nose, causing it to fade to 100% transparency.

Make an ellipse 40 pixels wide by 30 pixels tall. Apply a 2-color Elliptical Fill using a very pale blue and white.

Make a 48 pixel circle and apply a 2-color circular fill using dark and medium green.

Make a smaller circle and apply a black fill for the pupil and make another smaller white circle for the highlight. Group the eye elements, make a duplicate and place the eyes behind the cheeks. (Bring the cheeks and nose to the front).

NOTE: To create any of the custom colors shown here, click the tiny color wheel icon to the left of the screen palette to open the Color Editor. Select RGB from the Color Model drop down list and enter the three values. For example for RGB 200, 225, 255, enter 200 for the red value, 225 for the green value and 255 for the blue value.

TIP: You can name these colors as you create them and they will be available on the screen palette. Click the tag icon (New Named Color) in the Color Editor , enter a name for the color, and click Create.

Create a 40 by 10 pixel rectangle. Convert the rectangle to Editable Shapes (Arrange menu).

With the rectangle selected, select the Shape Tool. Individually select the lower corner nodes and nudge them towards the center as indicated by the green arrows.

Using the Shape Tool, drag the top and bottom sides downward into curves as shown.