The Xara Trompe L'Oeil Room July 1999

In my diminishing free time, I like to create stereograms, those images that look like a bunch of random dots, or like strips of wallpaper, that after you stare at them a while, a hidden 3D image appears, or pops out. I use a freeware application called PopOut Pro to do the hard work of hiding the image and I use Xara to create the visual elements for the stereograms.

So, to PopOut into July, I'll show you how to create cool eye-popping stereograms using Xara and PopOut Pro.

CLICK HERE for installation instructions and to download a freeware copy of PopOut Pro (330K).

Did you know that Xara 3D 3.04 can now import Xara 2 XAR and Webster 2 WEB files? We'll it can. CLICK HERE to learn more or to upgrade your current version!

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