The Xara Tutorials  March 2002


From Crackled to Cracked Open.

This month's tutorial was inspired by an image created by Steve Newport who also just happens to be this month's XaraXone Featured Artist. The tutorial uses some old tricks and introduces a few new techniques, Steve's awesome flare effect most notably.

The Cross Fade animation from Xara Modules used to preview this months tutorial is one of 9 Xara Modules in the Photo Edits and Effects collection. You may have seen other modules that I have been using recently to add a touch of drama to these tutorials.

I created the effect in about 5 minutes. A bit less actually. It's this easy:

  1. Upload the images you want to use to the Xara Modules site.
  2. Select Photo Edits and Effects > Cross Fade > Create > New.
  3. Add the images you want to use and determine which way the images will flip (or use the default setting as I did).
  4. Save and Publish.

Xara Modules gives you a line of script which goes into your HTML page, and which plays the JavaScripted action when your visitor visits your web page. I think you can probably think of at least a dozen creative uses for this and some of the other 8 cool effects.

All modules come with a free 15-day trial period. If you don't like the effect, you don't pay for it (of course you can't use it after 15 days if you don't pay for it). Each module runs under $3.00 US per month or $29.00 a year. If you buy the entire package of 9 effects, however, you pay only $4.95 US per month or just $49.00 a year. You save this much not having to pay for these tutorials alone! And, I need not remind you who makes these free tutorials free. Eh?

So do me and yourself a favor and pay a visit to the Xara Modules site. There is some really cool and fun effects that will add spice to your web site.

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