The Xara Tutorials  January 2002


A Festive Champagne Glass Revisited.

To celebrate the beginning of the 7th year of tutorials (6 of which are devoted exclusively to Xara) we revisit the January 1997 tutorial in which I created a champagne glass in Xara 1.2 or possibly Xara 1.5.

I thought it would be fun to see how I would approach the same subject matter four years later using the tools of Xara X. Surprisingly some techniques have changed very little, while some new tools and effects such as envelopes and brushes made many tasks easier. And I like to think that maybe over the many years I have been creating these tutorials I have learned a thing or two. It remains to be seen!

The rain drop effect that is happening to the final image from this month's tutorial is called Droplets and is from Xara Modules . (You will need to be connected to the Internet to see this effect). The Droplets effect is but one of 9 Xara Modules in the Photo Edits and Effects collection. You may have seen the snow falling on the palm trees image a few months ago, this is another part of the same collection and is available for under $3.00 US per month or a mere $29.00 a year.

If you want more information on how these modules work and how easy it is to create these effects for your web site, refer to WebXealot #32.

Enjoy this month's festive tutorial, and if you have a moment, please use the form on page 12 to send me your comments, questions, or new year's greetings. I always enjoy hearing from you and if you provide a valid e-mail address you will get a prompt response from me.

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