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Snowy Sunset - Xara Xtreme Pro tutorial

Select the small tree. Zoom in close to the tree itself by dragging a selection rectangle around the tree with the Zoom Tool (Shift F7).

From the Arrange menu, select Convert Line to Shape. Then Arrange > Ungroup and repeat to ungroup until the option is no longer enabled in the Arrange menu. Convert Line to Shape makes individual objects of the brush elements which can now be edited.

Make duplicates of a pink and a non-pink off-round shape (Ctrl d to duplicate). Reduce the amount of feathering to 1pix. Copy the pink shape to the clipboard (Ctrl c).

Select the snow shapes in the front part of the tree and Paste Attributes (Edit menu). Select a few of the leaf groups and paste attributes to them as well.

Copy the purplish gray off-round shape to the clipboard and Paste Attributes on the remaining clumps of snow as shown above.

If there are any groups of leaves that are hanging in space, drag these back towards the center. You can also select a shape or shapes and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the shapes.


Snowy Sunset - Xara Xtreme Pro tutorial

Duplicate the snow on the branches and move it around to form larger clumps of snow. Apply Linear, Mix transparency to some of the off-round shapes to blend them into the long diagonal pink shape as shown above in the inset.



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