The Xara Tutorials  August 2002

Getting script text to Gel.

I covered the Apple Macintosh OX X Gel look in the April 2001 XaraXone Tutorial. It was one of last year's most popular tutorials. But while the rounded and rectangular Gel button are pretty easy to recreate, especially in Xara, doing Gel text is not. Or so I thought.

Then I got assigned to write a review of a cool new plug-in from auto fx called DreamSuite Gel Series. And creating Gel text got a whole lot easier.

I'll be covering this plug-in in the next XaraXone Workbook, since the Public Relations person from auto fx was generous enough to offer a promotional copy or two for you lucky readers for which there will be a drawing.

Anyway, after looking the the above example (the text was created in Xara using the same technique in this month's tutorial, then exported as a black and white bitmap into Photoshop where the different Gel effects were applied) I mused to myself as I often do, I bet I could do this in Xara X. Without any filters! And by gosh, I believe I succeeded. Not only that, this is one of the easiest and shortest tutorials I have done in ages. So, I hope you have as much fun as I did.


It's almost here! Xara 3D 5

As you can see, there are some really cool new possibilities here.

And even cooler still is new support for Flash SWF file format. While this produces a rather large file—too large for putting anything other than something very simple on the Web, the possibilities for creating awesome scalable animations for intranets or for adding to CDs is definitely there. Click the Gif animation to download the Flash version. The file size is about 1.3MB so I would only recommend it if you have a fast connection. If you do download it, blow the frame up to full window size and you will see how really powerful this is. I expect the release of Xara 3D 5 sometime in August. I'll be covering it in the Workbook as well.

If you are tired of downloading a printing out the Xara tutorials and WebXealots, and who isn't? Now you can have all the Xara Tutorials through the first of the year, and all the WebXealots including the Xara X On-line Manual, on one CD in Adobe PDF file format (A copy of Acrobat is included on the disc). The disc is only $20.00 US for US and Canadian residents and $22.00 US for persons outside the USA or Canada. And the price includes shipping. Click the image for more information.


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