The Xara Trompe L'Oeil Room  February 2001

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Creating a Simple Flash Movie with Xara X and Flash

Last month I asked if anyone was interested in a Xara X / Flash tutorial. Not amazingly, most of the responses I received were in the affirmative. While I do believe I was so foolish as to promise to recreate January's complex GIF animation in Flash, upon giving the project some deep thought, I have decided to first attempt to introduce many of you to the basics of Flash. If we can get through this, then perhaps we can move on to something as complex as the XaraXone title graphic.

In this month's tutorial, we will create some simple shapes in Xara and export them in the Flash swf file format. We'll bring these shapes into Flash 5, convert the shapes to Symbols, and use the symbols to recreate the Flash movie shown here.

NOTE: You will need Xara X and a recent edition of Macromedia Flash, to do the following tutorial (I will be using Flash 5). If you don't have Xara X, click here to go to the Xara home page where you can download a Free 30-day trial copy. Click here to download a free 30-day trial of Flash 5 .

The WebXealot, formerly locked behind closed doors, is now open to all. This illustrated monthly Xara e-newsletter contains tips and tricks and the Xara X on-line manual (being created a chapter or two a month).

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Questions, comments, criticisms, are always welcome. Please use the form on the last page to send me your thoughts and evaluation of the tutorial.

2001 Gary W. Priester
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