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Oleg Tischenkov
December 1999

Oleg Tischenkov lives in Russia where he works as an art director for a  multimedia company. His work is both powerful and delightful.

Dennis Cox
October 1999

October’s Featured Artist Dennis Cox is a self-trained artist, cartoonist, technician and the “Unofficial Illustrator” for the local Gas Company.

Paul Shotan
November 1999

November’s Featured Artist    Paul Shotan is a gifted artist who elegantly pushes Xara’s capabilities to the limit and beyond.

 © Dennis Cox

 © Marcus Geduld

Marcus Geduld
September 1999

 Marcus Geduld is a theatrical director, computer trainer, illustrator and gifted animator. Marcus’s warm and magical animations demonstrate the beauty and power of Xara 2.

Joe Skeesick
August 1999

Joe is a graphic and web site designer, an illustrator as well as a moderator of the Xara Conference 

© Joe Skeesick

Daniel Will Harris
July 1999

Daniel Will-Harris is a writer/designer and the editor of
The Schmoozeletter

© Daniel Will Harris

Gary David Bouton June 1999

Gary Bouton is an artist, former art director, and author of Inside Adobe Photoshop, 1998's Best Selling graphics book on amazon.com 

© Gary David Bouton

Klaus Nordby
May 1999

Klaus is a graphic designer, illustrator and painter. His experience gained as an airbrush artist is evident in his illustrations.

© Klaus Nordby

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Xara Artists Wanted

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