Oleg Tischenkov

I was born in strange time in a strange country. (1967/Russia/ Smolensk) I'm an artist. But when I was small I wanted to be a pilot. In the 4 grade I began to excel in drawing. I frequently drew caricatures of my teachers and fellow students.

Expressing the social protest - I began to draw even more. And when I was 16 years old I began to earn money by drawing! The local newspapers willingly published my caricatures. It was so easy and interesting. But I did not think seriously about this. I entered an institute and received an engineering education. But I continued to draw. In the institute I finally understood that to earn my living by drawing was what I wanted to do!

By the time I left the institute, I had already made some books about computers. They were strange books. The right page - text. The left page - cheerful floor - technical comics. My friend,  a technical writer, wrote clever text and I drew the pictures. We never earned much money, but the books are still quite popular!

Soon, I learned to translate my drawing skills to the computer using drawing software. And so the computer and line art were woven into my life.

I worked with a variety of graphics programs. In my country buying these drawing programs was almost impossible! But there were always copies available if you were resourceful! Now times have changed and drawing software is more accessible to the average person.

It is strange, but when the graphic programs became more powerful, they also became less interesting to work with. I believe the artist should have an idea in his mind of what he wants to draw and then use the software to make the drawing a reality. The artist makes the drawing, not the computer or the software.

Then I discovered CorelXARA! It has put everything in its place. Everything is simple. Natural. Easy. And there are a lot of opportunities! XARA pleased me so much that I hurried to inform everyone about this discovery! I have written several articles about XARA in Russian computer magazines, and, I have received many responses and requests to open a Russian XARA web site. It is an interesting idea. And one I would like to pursue if I have the time.

I am artist, designer, illustrator and journalist. I am the art director for a multimedia company. Although I am enjoying my careers, at the moment there are not that many achievements. But the future promises many challenges.

XARA is one of my basic tools! And, one of my favorite tools! To see more of my work, I invite you to visit my personal web site. www.olegti.da.ru

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