Klaus Nordby

I am Norwegian and live in Oslo. I have worked as a free-lance graphic designer, illustrator and art director in book publishing and advertising since the age of 17, when I began working as an apprentice for an advertising agency. (I have no formal education.) In 1998, when I turned 40, I quit commercial art to concentrate full-time on painting and writing on art.

My chief illustration tool in the non-digital, manual days and my first love! was the air-brush. I started using computers for graphics in 1990, on the Mac, but it was not until I discovered CorelXARA 1.1 in 1996 that I was able to start doing all my illustration work digitally. I'd been using CorelDRAW since 2.0, back in 1992, and while DRAW was very useful it was never a viable competitor to the airbrush for doing really advanced illustrations. Now, CorelXARA is also my chief tool for planning my complex oil paintings, and so it has totally revolutionized even my fine art working methods.

So my digital work falls into three categories: the commercial work I have done for clients when I was in the design/ illustration business, the work I do for fun and/or to learn my digital tools better and the work I do as preliminary studies for my oil paintings. As of now, I only have samples to show in the first two categories the third kind
is still classified!

I have just completed writing an in-depth article about my digital illustration techniques (dissecting the Microscope with CorelXARA) for c't 窶” Germany's largest computer magazine 窶” and I shall put the English version on my Web Site as soon as I am allowed to.




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