Daniel Will Harris

"I was one of the first people to see CorelDraw when it was introduced at Comdex, back in the dark ages of computers. I loved it and was a fan for many years. But as it got larger, and slower, and buggier, a friend told me about a program called XaraStudio, this small, fast, reliable program that reminded me of Draw in the early years (yet even more powerful)."

"It didn't take long to get hooked on Xara, there's simply nothing faster or better for web graphics. I'm not sure if I told Mr. Gary Xaraxone Priester about Xara, or if he found it on its own, but we both realize how great it is, and how much better it can make your work, because it doesn't have the limitations of other programs."

"And basically, what Xara does is give you the power to let other people see what you see in your head."

"I should note that I've chosen most of these pieces because they show the power of Xara, as well as my own work. I do a lot of black and white logo and graphic work, and I haven't shown much of that here, because while Xara still makes that faster and easier (and creates beautifully smooth anti-aliased graphics for the web), it's not quite as dramatic a demonstration of what Xara can do."

"Lately I used Xara most for web site designs. Check out my latest designs at Will-Harris House and my latest site at efuse.com (which uses Xara and NetObjects Fusion to create a very slick, yet friendly site)."

Daniel Will-Harris is a writer, designer, and the creator and editor of
efuse.com the friendly place to learn how to build a better web site. He has been designing web sites for almost as long as there have been web sites (with his own site, will-harris.com which is approximately 28 dog years or 48 internet years. His own site features EsperFonto, the web's only interactive typeface selection system. He's written seven books, and is currently writing a book called "Wallet Reading: your personality in your pocket."

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Daniel Will Harris

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