Marcus Geduld

I popped into the world in 1965, a tiny resident of Queens, NY. My father (a film historian) got a job at Indiana University in Blooington, IN, which is where I grew up. As a child I loved learning new things, so naturally I hated school — where I was discouraged from learning and told to sit down, shut up, and do my homework. Instead, I acted silly and doodled in the margins of my textbooks.

When I grew up, I continued to doodle, and as I've moved (Florida, California, London, Ohio) and changed jobs (librarian, child-care worker, script editor, waiter, graphics operator, teacher), doodling has been the only constant in my life.

I'm a doodler, and the uncharitable would also call me a dabbler. I prefer to think of myself as a polymath. I work as a Computer Trainer at Sotheby's in New York City, and I hold an MFA degree in Directing from Ohio University's School of Theatre (where I met my lovely wife, Lisa). My only regret about studying the Arts is that I didn't have time to study the Sciences. I would love to be a neurologist, psychologist or a cognitive scientist, but I'm too busy directing plays, teaching, working on screenplays and designing websites.

I've always loved animation, but when I discovered the limitations of GIFS — slow downloads necessitating short, repetitive subjects — I pretty much gave up any interest in them. Then I started playing with Xara, and my outlook changed. At first, I was struck by how easily I could produce animations with a vector program (where shapes could be repositioned on subsequent frames, rather than redrawn by hand). Then, as I experimented, I was struck by the beauty of the GIF form itself. Sure, they were short, but that needn't be a limitation. I now see the GIF as the Haiku of animation. The trick it to tell a story as efficiently as possible.

f you enjoy the following animations, please check out my site at You'll find more animation, some still art, some writing and some experiments in web programming. If you like what you see (or even if you don't), I'd love to hear from you. You can email me at And if you'd like to hire me as a illustrator, graphic designer, web designer or computer trainer, please let me know that too.



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