Joe Skeesick

Working in Multimedia, back when that meant a bunch of slide projectors and a sound track, I was creating graphics for the shows, outputting to film, and wrestling with the available programs. I used Photoshop because it was the most capable for on screen graphics, but really wanted to use a drawing program because of the easier editing, (and then there were always the last minute changes).

Then one day while waiting for an animation to render I saw a small little ad in a computer software catalog about an oddly named drawing program. It said that it could do everything that I needed, promising to fulfill all my needs. Well, I've gotten one or two of those letters from Ed McMahon, enough to know that this was probably too good to be true. But hey, it was the company budget!

Well, Xara turned out to be everything I needed and more. I have used it ever since in everything from print, to the web, to CD-ROMs, to texture maps for 3D. Now, if only those letters from Ed delivered like Xara does.

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Illuminated Xara 31K

Pocket Watch 31K

Some Lykit Hot 32K

Santa Rides a Flying Pig 24K

Wooden Scales
(Animation) 207K

G 15K

Golden Award 42K

Health Services 44K

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