Send e-mail Download Zipped Tutorial Reduce the size of the blades group. Rotate the blades 15 degrees. Bring the S-shapes grill and the label to the front (Ctrl f). The converted circle with the blue lines will become a grid that will help us bring order to the extruded chaos that is about to occur. Select all these objects, select the Extrude Tool (e), and press the Apply Extrusion 3D icon on the Infobar. Make the changes shown in my recipe. It looks a bit of a “dog’s breakfast.” Don’t worry. We’ll clean it all up in the next steps. Select the objects shown and change the extrusion depth and bevel types as shown. Select the blue guide shape and apply a 50%, Mix  transparency with the Transparency Tool (F6). With the Shape Editor Tool, draw a line that extents outward on the same angle as the center of the blue shape. Duplicate the S-shapes grill and send it to the back (Ctrl b). Align the S-shapes grills to the front and back of the blue guide shape. Position the blades about half way back with the line passing through the center of the plus shape. Finally center the label in front of the S- shapes grill. Delete the blue grid object or if you can’t part with it, move it off to the side.