Send e-mail Download Zipped Tutorial Add a Dark Brown rectangle over the wallpaper area and send it behind the fan (Select all of the fan objects and bring them to the front Ctrl f). Select the Transparency Tool (F6). From the drop down list of Transparency Types, select Stained Glass. Click down and to the right of the fan with the Transparency Tool then drag up diagonally through the fan towards the top left corner. Click the starting control point and set the Transparency slider setting on the Infobar to 0%. Click the other end  and set the slider setting to 50%. See above. Select everything. From the Arrange menu, select Create Bitmap Copy. Change the Color Depth to True Color. I like to use 300dpi for Bitmap Resolution but if you are creating this for viewing on your computer, 96dpi is fine. Apply Stained Glass transparency then click and drag as shown above. Change the start and ending transparency. This adds atmosphere and mood to the scene. Select the Shape Editor Tool and create a tapering shape similar to that shown above. This will be a shaft of sunlight. Apply a Linear, Mix transparency to the shaft of sunlight. And that’s it! OK, OK, I know I did something more. Will this blasted tutorial never end?! I applied feathering to the shaft shape and then to hide the soft edges top and left, I created a bitmap copy with Alpha channel transparency. I used the Shape Editor Tool to move the top and left sides of the bitmap inward to remove the soft edges. And that IS it! We’re done. Honest! A few afterthoughts. It is possible to torqure (angle) the blades individually which would have produced a more convincing 3D effect. The shading we added kind of helps. But if you have patience and lots of time, you might experiment with individually rotating the blades. And in retrospect the light on the blades should be more subtle. Making the blade color darker should do the trick. So, did you make it all the way? I am always amazed when people do. I never could. I don’t have the patience to do my own tutorials so I am always impressed when others can. Your comments, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback are always appreciated. If you have a moment, send me an e-mail message and let me know how you did. Gary W. Priester Host of the Xara Xone Send e-mail