WEBSITE AND WEBSITE GRAPHICS CREATED WITH XARA DESIGNER PRO 6 2010 Gary W. Priester 2010 Gary W. Priester 2010 Gary W. Priester 2010 Gary W. Priester Apply Linear and Circular fills to the areas shown above using 30 and 60% Black. Select the gray-filled shapes then select the Transparency Tool (F6). Apply a Flat, Brightness transparency. Adjust the Transparency slider setting to 50%. Clone the shapes (Ctrl k) and change the transparency to Stained Glass, 50%. Send the small circles to the back. Alt click to select the solid shape and clone it (Ctrl k). Select the Transparency Tool (F6) and from the Transparency Types drop down list, select Enhance (Designer Pro 6 and Photo & Graphics Designer 6 only). You will not see anything, but this becomes a mask under which you can edit with the Photo Tool. Select the Photo Tool (p) and edit the Enhance Photo settings shown above. The purpose of this step is to deepen the transparencies and to shift the colors towards red. Add two small rectangles under the pendulum and copy and paste attributes from the pendulum shaft and the weight (Edit > Paste Attributes or Shift Ctrl a). Group all of the pendulum objects. DOWNLOAD ZIPPED TUTORIAL