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April Trompe L'Oeil Room  Page 1

Frustrated with Xara 3D 3 because you can't apply color to a symbol or WMF file? Don't call 911, read this tutorial.

Like last month's tutorial, I started out with one idea of what I was going to do and ended up with something altogether different. Ah, well, life is like that.

What about those headlights? You can't do that in Xara 3D 3, can you? Well technically no but that's never stopped me before.

For this tutorial you'll need Xara 2 and Xara 3D 3. Need a copy of Xara 3D 3, click the icon to go to Xara's web site where you can download a 15-day trial copy. You can buy Xara 3D 3 for a measly $39.00 USD. You can also buy it from i/us for the very same price. Your choice!

1999 Gary W. Priester