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Leroy Stanley's Printing TIP: Printing the Xara tutorials and WebXealots cuts off some of the right hand side of the page. Here is how I get around this problem. In Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, select Page Set Up (File pull down menu) change the margin settings from 1" all around to .25" for the left and right margins, and .300 for the top margin. You must leave the bottom margin at .70 These settings will remain until you change the settings again.

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December - Digital Christmas Cheer December - Digital Christmas Cheer

Zip File Size 319K

November - Through the Keyhole November - Through the Keyhole

Zip File Size 212K

October - Lightning Strikes Twice October - Lightning Strikes Twice

Zip File Size 193K

September - Glass Signs September - Glass Signs

Zip File Size 311K

August - Hot Stuff August - Hot Stuff

Zip File Size 279K

July - Cosmic Fireworks July - Cosmic Fireworks

Zip File Size 211K

June - Leaded Glass June - Leaded Glass

Zip File Size 382K

May - A Look at Clouds May - A Look at Clouds

Zip File Size 157K

April - The Glowing Type April - The Glowing Type

Zip File Size 134K

March - The Exploding Ball March - The Exploding Ball

Zip File Size 298K

February - The Neon Sign February - The Neon Sign

Zip File Size 167K

January - The Sphere January 1996 - The Sphere

Zip File Size 95K

NOTE: Many of the earlier tutorials were created for CorelNet and its successor i-us.com and contain links that are no longer active.

All links on this page are current (more or less)

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