Edited (in the loosest sense on the word) by Gary W. Priester
ISSUE 19 •  November 15, 2000

In this issue:

Xara X. Hang on Just a Little Bit Longer.
We're getting close. Very, very close. Xara has confided in your editor (as of the moment, still me) that they hope to have the final release version of Xara X available before the latest beta expires on the 20th of this month. How they plan to do this, and if they can pull it off, we should know very shortly.

A final beta, what is known in software circles as a Release Candidate, is being made available to members of the Insider's Area (that's you). And for you readers alone.

CLICK HERE to download your final beta version of Xara X.

According to Xara, and I quote, "This is the final beta version of Xara X. We're planning to launch the download version before the current beta expires on November 20th so you have about 2 days to comment on the beta (the e-mail address for your comments is beta@xara.com). This version is not available to the general public but we wanted to give Xone insiders exclusively one last chance to comment. Please don't pass along the software or the URL."

The Xara X Online Manual continues with this month's installment covering the Blend Tool, the Contour Tool and the Button and Navbar Tool. I've tried to include as much information as I can. If I left something out, or if something is not clear, use the form on Page 7 to contact me. And don't forget, every tool is covered in excruciating detail in the Help pull down menu.

You're all Winners!

While there was no prize drawing this month, I just wanted to say that in your editor's most humble opinion, you loyal readers are all winners. You have hung in there and stayed the course like real champions. I'm hopeful by this time next month, you will all be rewarded with your copies of Xara X—the final release version!

Insider Information

The Featured Artist for November is Rudolf Kahl whose Xara tutorials appear regularly in Amsterdam-based Color Graphics Magazine. After visiting the featured artist gallery you'll see why Rudolf's work has such a gemlike quality.

The November Trompe L'Oeil Room is a bit of a puzzle. A jig saw puzzle as a matter of fact that makes use of several of Xara X's new features including Apply Clip View and the Bevel Tool. Check it out.

A New Home for the WebXealot and the XaraXone?

Last month I wrote, "As some of you might by now know, i/us was sold to EyeWire.com in February. It was hoped that the sale would bring in the money needed to expand i/us and make it an even better content site. I'm sad to announce the new owners do not share this dream. As of December 31, the WebXealot and XaraXone will be without a home. This is true of all the content areas of i/us, and for all I know, i/us itself."

I am happy to say that Xara Ltd. has agreed to sponsor the XaraXone, the Trompe L'Oeil Room Xara tutorials, and the WebXealot. And I just have learned that Xara will also be hosting the Xara Conference so the channels of communication shall remain open. This is welcome news indeed. I hope to have more details in the December Webxealot. Your editor wishes to thank all you splendid readers who offered to pay to subscribe to the WebXealot. As it looks now, you can save your money for other things (like purchasing Xara X, and fonts from Xara.com).

In the last few issues, I have encouraged one and all to support i/us and buy Xara X from them. Several readers responded that they were not very comfortable with this arrangement.

I was informed last week by i/us that due to the short amount of time remaining before i/us becomes a part of Web history, they have decided not to sell Xara X. So the only place to purchase Xara X will be directly from Xara Ltd. To purchase Xara X, when it becomes available, or for more information, visit Xara's Web site.

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