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Xara 3D-6 Tank Guest Tutorial ©2006 Anas bin Handel
Guest Tutorial 65

Doing the impossible in Xara 3D-6 (Really!)


Guest Tutorial 64

Beveled Pipes
Thomas Käflein show you how to let off steam
with the Bevel Tool


Sparkle GEL Guest Tutorial
Guest Tutorial 63

Creating Sparkle GEL Effect
and A Sparkle GEL Brush


Guest Tutorial 62

Paul Söderholm revisits his 2005 Guest Tutorial
From Scanned Line Drawing to Vector Illustration


Cameo Guest Tutorial ©2006 Penny O'Rorke
Guest Tutorial 61

Penny O’Rorke recreates her elegant
Cameo illustration step-by-step

Xara Xone Guest Tutorial #60
Guest Tutorial 60

Idil Sukan shows how to let yourself go
and create some very interesting brushes.


Xara Xone Guest Tutorial 59

Guest Tutorial 59

Geo-Shape Man. Imagine how much better
Leonardo could have drawn if he had
James McCluer’s Geo-Shape Man.
Get yours today and learn how to use it here.

Guest Tutorial 58
Gary David Bouton reveals
where color, including RGB, HSV and CIE/Lab Color comes from.

Drawing a Tire ©Ron Duke

Guest Tutorial 57
Automotive illustrator extraordinaire Ron Duke
reinvents the wheel.

Guest Tutorial 56

Scott Knaub, with help from Karina (Age 8) & Kolten (Age 10), shows
you the basics of creating a simple animation. (For all ages).


The Ultimate Brush Tutorial

Guest Tutorial 55

Everything you need to know about the Freehand and Brush Tool
Custom Brushes - And a cool tutorial to boot!



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