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Guest Tutorial #10

Creating pearls and file tutorial

Ivan Louette (the Brushmeister) shares his secrets for creating a red hot flaming fire brush effect and an elegant string of pearls brush effect. Going beyond Xara’s powerful brush capabilities, Ivan shows how to layer brushes and achieve amazingly beautiful results.

Guest Tutorial #9

bitmap tracer painting effect tutorial

Eric Bramhill returns, this month showing how to turn a photo of an old house into a work of art using Xara’s Bitmap Tracer and Bevel Tool. Even if you think you already know how to achieve this effect, check out Eric’s tutorial, I’m sure you’ll discover a new trick or two or three.

Guest Tutorial #8

drawing with simple shapes tutorialYou don’t have to be Risto Klint to draw like Risto Klint.

Over promise?

You betcha.

There is only one Risto Klint. But in this month’s Guest Tutorial, Risto shows you how he creates his whimsical and colorful images. Have a look.

Guest Tutorial #7
Marrying Two Images (A Photo Montage)

image editing with Xara tutorial

Ross Macintosh (right), shows you three ways to painlessly remove an image from one photo and marry it seamlessly into another.

Terrific tutorial for users of all skill levels.

Guest Tutorial #6
Simple Photo Enhancing using Brightness, Contrast & Color

photo enhancing tip

This simple tutorial show how to take a dark photographic image and using Xara’s Bitmap Effects > Brightness, Contrast, and Color filters, make it look like a bright, new photograph.

Guest Tutorial #5
Basics of Isometric Drawing

basics of isometric drawing tutorialIsometric drawing is a method of plotting 2D objects to create the appearance of an extruded 3D object. This technique, explained by this month’s Guest Tutor, and expert isometric illustrator, John S. Clements, explains the basics for creating Isometric drawings. John also suggests advances uses for this drawing method.

Guest Tutorial #4
Creating an Image Swap in Xara

creating image swaps tutoroialWhen you finish this month’s Guest Tutorial prepared by Brian Etherington, you will be able to create an image swap. If you don’t know what an image swap is, Click here to visit Brian’s site and see it demonstrated on the image shown here. When you have finished, click on the Hotspot image above to go to the tutorial, or press one of the buttons on Brian’s demonstration.

Guest Tutorial #3
Creating complex drawings using layers

complex drawings using layers tutorial

Is it a photo or is it art? Frank Wognum (a.k.a. Big Frank) shares his tips and tricks of working with Layers and color and reveals a secret or two on how he created this photo-realistic image of his VW “Splitie”. Click here to go to Guest Tutorial #3.

Guest Tutorial #2 Creating a Scalable Map in Flash

crerating a scalable map tutorial

Xara can put you on the map. Well, OK, you have to make the map yourself, then you can put yourself, or any other thing you want on it. In Guest Tutorial #2, Eric (Egg) Bramhill shows you how to create a map in Xara and how to make the map into a Flash movie.

Gel text tutorialGuest tutorial #1 should really be called Guest Tutorial #1/2 as we are still putting Eric Bramhill’s map tutorial together.

This tutorial builds on the April 01 Xara Tutorial, which recreated Apple’s Aqua Gel Cap effect, and shows you how to create transparent, Gel-type text.

Check back soon for Eric’s zoomable map tutorial.



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