The XaraXone Guest Tutorials Series

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Perspective Perambulations
(Mould Madness Part II)
by Tony Roberts

In this month's guest tutorial, Tony Roberts takes a quick look at perspective and completes his observations on the mould tool. He concludes by suggesting how to construct a 3D view of a building from a plan. He admits to purely selfish motives in preparing his tutorial as a learning process. "Having to explain a concept to others concentrates the mind wonderfully," he says, "I only hope I have it all correct. The inspiration came from Luciano and John Clements on the forum, who responded to a question about foreshortening."

[Editor's Note: Tony calls this a quick look at perspective. He is too modest. This tutorial provides a wealth of information about perspective drawing techniques. Tony has put a tremendous amount of time and energy preparing this tutorial, for which the XaraXone is most grateful. If you benefit from this tutorial, please let Tony know how much you appreciate his efforts.]

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