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August 2004 Group Show

Risto Klint

Steve Newport

Ross Macintosh

Paul Sõderholm

This month's Featured Artist Group Show was inspired by and is dedicated to Ross Macintosh who has consistently pushed the envelope with Xara and come up with new techniques and ways to do things. I asked Ross and three other Xara artists who are all known for pushing Xara beyond anything we would have felt possible to show some of their experimental images. This then is the Experimental Images Show. We hope it stimulates and inspires. If you would like your work featured in the Group Shows, see the instructions at the bottom of the page.



Risto Klint -Xara Xone Featured Artist Group Show


My name is Risto Klint. For those who don't know me - I'm a Swede that fled my homeland in 1994 because I was harassed by squirrels. I now live in the exciting, multicultural city of Montreal, Canada. I'm married to a lovely wife and we have two great kids.

The four images in this part of the featured artist gallery are experiments, not necessarily in content, but in the way they were put together. Xara X is extremely versatile in the way it's features can be used to bring an image to life.

You can combine features to create some quite unvector-like images, or in the case with these images, find new ways of being creative.

To see how these images were created, see this month's Xara Xone Guest Tutorial 39.

Thanks for looking!

Risto Klint

For more of my illustrations, visit:
If you have any questions, fire an email my way:

Steve Newport -Xara Xone Featured Artist Group Show


I'm 18 years old from Canton, Ohio. I've been using Xara since it's Corel days for about 8 years now and I still use it, in some form or another, in almost every project I undertake for about anything ranging from logo, web, and print design to full length paintings taking months at a time. I'll sometimes use Xara X exclusively to achieve a certain style or further my know-how of the program. Other times I'll use multiple applications depending on what is best for the overall job.

I've been blessed with some freelance work over the years and now I have a pretty steady job at a photo print lab! They have a program they send out to their clients containing quite a selection of templates they can stick their photos and text in to be sent back to the lab to print. I design the templates now. Sounds like a blast, eh!? But seriously, I've been given the opportunity to work on my own time doing something I can do and enjoy doing all the while maintaining relatively creative control over the whole process and for that I am grateful! I will even be able to continue the work once I move to Chicago for college.

I will be attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago this fall as a freshman. It is the school I wanted to get into and I am very excited I was accepted! I will be, for once, in an environment I chose to be in, pursuing a passion I chose to pursue, and choosing classes I feel the need to take all the while being surrounded by hundreds of artists with the same drive! It will be a very humbling and inspiring experience seeing all the talent and passion around me! I'm very grateful for my family, friends and people at, amongst other sites, that have, on their own will, helped me become a better artist and encourage me to pursue my passions. They have helped me become what I am and will continue to have their effect on me as I grow and move on in life and I am eternally grateful for anyone who's given me the time of day to share their mind.

Ross Macintosh -Xara Xone Featured Artist Group Show


Ross is an architect living in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He uses Xara X primarily as an outlet for noncommercial creative pursuits.

"Playing with Xara X1 is something I really enjoy. I find it entertaining to start with a blank page, without preconceived plans or expectations, and have something interesting emerge. The creative exploration part is what drives me. I've tried lots of graphics software but Xara X1 is my favorite.

It supports the creative process with its powerful tool set, responsive performance, and that handy 'undo' button. My process is very much one of 'two steps forward and one step back'. I try things just to see what it will look like, always knowing that undo button keeps me in charge." —Ross

Paul Sõlderholm  -Xara Xone Featured Artist Group Show


Born 1969 in Hanko, Finland, I started drawing probably when I grabbed a pen for the first time. As an graphic artist I am self taught, and I actually wanted to be an architect when I was younger. But computers were also interesting which lead to computer science studies at the University of Åbo Akademi (unfortunately there were no educational combinations of art and computers in those days).

During the studies I found Illustrator and Freehand, but it was CorelDraw (version 2 or 3) that really caught my interest in computer graphics. The World Wide Web was starting to grow and I stumbled upon an interesting site called which hosted CorelDraw tutorials by you-know-who, who later presented a program called CorelXara... Which I ordered, and since that day the Xara series have been my favorite work horse.

Today I work as a sys-admin and graphic artist at a local newspaper in Turku (so you CAN combine computers and art after all :-) , and as a freelance graphic artist and cartoonist who does almost everything print related, but likes drawing cartoon art most of all. My usual workflow is first to sketch and draw on paper, then I scan the final black & white image to the computer where I use Xara X to put on the colour.

You can visit my galleries at and (and prints are available at


All images are © by their creators and may not be
copied or reproduced in any manner without
the written permission of the artist


XARA Artists Wanted! We are always looking for new artists to feature on this page. If you would like to be considered for one of the future featured artists Group Shows, Click Here to contact us. Send one or two JPEG or GIF images, about 600 pixels wide. And please keep the file size under 100K. Add Xara Group Show to the Subject line of your message.

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