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Ledge ©Steve Newport

©Steve Newport


   Interior Architectural Design was my focus for my AP Portfolio this year.
I basically designed the interior of a beach house in my head and
spent the next several months evolving those ideas and bringing
them to canvas. The process I went about doing all this was first sketching
out every idea that came to mind as I worked through the project
so no idea would be lost.
Then I would work out all the perspective issues in Xara X
and design the entire scene within the program. I then would
export a black & white high resolution image to Photoshop
where I'd apply a "Multiply Blend" to the layer so the white
would be transparent and the black outline would remain solid.
I would select the white sections of the image using the Magic Wand Tool
and I'd paint under that layer.
I created 7 images this way to combine with about 20 other pieces of art.
I ended up getting a 4 out of a possible 5 points on the portfolio.
You can
go here to view the entire project

Ledge (outline view) ©Steve Newport
©Steve Newport

Here is the outline view of the image



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