A Picture is worth a thousand words tip:
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Reader TIP 1: John Clements informed your editor (that's me) that holding down the Ctrl key while deleting nodes from a shape with the Shape Editor Tool maintains the shape of the current path. Normally, deleting a node causes the path to revert to a straight line segment.

Hidden TIP: To select an object hidden beneath another object hold down the Alt key and click. The object or objects will be selected in reverse order.
Nested TIP: Once you've selected the hidden object you can move it by holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys whilst dragging.
Nested, Nested TIP: You can select an object, and a hidden object, if you Alt select the hidden object first and then select the top object.

Reader TIP 2: Sean Sedwards, the plug-in filter maven, pointed out recently in the Xara Conference that pressing the Shift key at the same time as pressing Create when creating a Bitmap Copy (Arrange > Create Bitmap Copy) will place the bitmap directly on top of the vector objects from which the bitmap is being created. Normally a bitmap copy is centered in the screen.

Avoid repetitive tasks TIP: Creating a template is a good way to preset a page. For example, if you frequently work with Show Printer Colors enabled, (Window menu), Pica measurements, and color units set to Percent rather than 1-255, and so forth, create a blank page with these settings and save it as a Template. (File > Save Template) Give it a descriptive name and save it. You can create templates for a variety of uses. To open a template select File > New... and select your template from the flyout menu.

New User Tip: Don't disable the Tip of the Day that appears everytime you open Xara. It's a good way to learn a tip at a time. (Where do you think your editor gets many of his tips?) And once you've seen all the tips, you'll see the final tip identifying the creator of the cool lightbulb image. If you have disabled the Tip of the Day, you can enable it by selecting Tip of the Day from the Help menu and then checking Show Tips at StartUp.

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