Joel Schilling, who has provided a series of Xara templates (available for download in the XaraXone Shareware Page), generously provided the following tutorial. Your overworked, and underpaid editor (that's me) appreciates the time and effort, not to mention the valuable information. Many thanks, Joel.

Using Templates in ara2

By Joel Schilling

1. Download the template files from the Shareware Page. Place the template files into the Template folder, which is located in the Corel XARA2 folder. 

2. To open a template: In Xara go to File > New, and pick the template of choice as illustrated on the right.

10-Up Avery Die-cut
Business Card Template

1. Design the card and place a copy in the clipboard. ( Ctrl C)

2. Open the Businesscard template.

3. Paste (Ctrl V) the card into the document and rotate 90 degrees. Make sure Snap to Guides are enabled and drag the card into the upper left box.

NOTE: To enable Snap to Guides, right click on an empty section of the page and select Snap to Guides from the flyout menu.

4. Duplicate the card (Ctrl K). Hold the control key to constrain the movement and drag the duplicate down to the lower left box until it snaps into place.

5. Select both cards, duplicate, and drag to the right, holding the Ctrl key as you drag to constrain the movement.

6. Select all four cards and drag right again.

7. Select two cards and drag right to complete the ten cards. You are now ready to print.


The two figures shown below show the alignment for printing three postcards on both sides of card stock. When printing on the second side make sure the text is rotated correctly to be aligned to the other side.


The illustration on the right shows the alignment for printing 9 stickers on Avery 3113 Big Round Sticker paper. The stickers are 2.5". You should make the background circle on the graphic 2.62" to allow for a bleed.


The portrait template-- (not shown)  sets the page and the printer to print in portrait mode without having to make any other setting changes.

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