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Edited (in the loosest sense on the word) by Gary W. Priester
February 2002

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Enough Small Talk?
The fact that nobody has commiserated with any of my opening ramblings makes me think that if you are reading this at all, you are not reading it for my witty commentary. No problem. I'll try not to take offense. (I probably would not read this stuff either). So this month we'll just cut to the chase and get on with what it is you came for. OK?

We continue this month (and for the next few months to come) with the Illustrated Glossary of Xara Terms. Even if you think you know it all, have a look, you just might find something you missed. I always do!

If you have any suggestions for something you would like covered in detail, drop your editor a line and we'll do our best to accomodate you.

TIP of the Month
Your editor, (C'est Moi) posted a mini tutorial in this week's TIP of the Week page for creating a 3D repeating patterned tile. It's kind of a cool technique and not at all hard to reproduce. Have a look if you get a chance. 

    Leroy Stanley's Printing TIP: Printing the Xara tutorials and WebXealots cuts off some of the right hand side of the page. Here is how I get around this problem. In Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, select Page Set Up (File pull down menu) change the margin settings from 1" all around to .25" for the left and right margins, and .300 for the top margin. You must leave the bottom margin at .70 These settings will remain until you change the settings again.

Insider Information
Back for a command performance is February's Featured Artist Risto Klint, that guy from Montreal, Canada with the incredible talent and sense of humor. Risto earned his command performance with his impressive and innovative new body of images. Mark my words, his star is about to rise.

The February Xara X Tutorial is a bit cracked. Crackled actually. Responding to a request from a delightful reader in Brazil who requested a technique for creating porcelain text, your editor, me, came up with a crackled glaze effect that is, in all modesty, crackling good.

The February Guest Tutorial #11 was prepared by Tony Roberts (aka Tony London) and explains half of what you need to know about the Mould Tool and creating custom envelope shapes. (The second half of teverything you need to know, comes next month). Tony owns this Tool and I should think after all Tony has discovered and done with the Mould Tool that Xara would rename it The Roberts Enveloping Tool!

Just Released! Webstyle 2.1
Xara has just announced the release of Webstyle 2.1. Webstyle 2.1 lets you create create slick rollover buttons, banners, animated titles, or complete Web pages even if you have no artistic talent or training. Webstyle 2.1, includes a FrontPage add-in and a Dreamweaver extension which add 'Webstyle graphics' to the Insert menu of FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Clicking Insert opens WebStyle, where you can create and edit your graphic and a Save inserts them right back into your web page, avoiding the need to fiddle with graphic files, HTML and javascript.

A free trial version of 2.1 is available for download now from A CD is sent to each purchaser with the complete set of almost 1000 Webstyle templates, plus bundled fonts and a tutorial movie. Additional template packs will be offered to owners in future. List price of Xara Webstyle 2 is $69.00 US (+ VAT in Europe). Existing owners of Webstyle 2.0 can upgrade to 2.1 free of charge.

If you have a web site you've created with Xara, let your editor (yep, old you know who) know and we'll add your site to the list of sites in the Xara Links page.

And last but not least, your editor is always looking for new talent to showcase in the XaraXone Featured Artist page. If we don't get some more talented folks to step forward, your editor is going to have to make another guest appearance.

If you think you have the right stuff (10-12 really cool images—created with Xara, or created mostly with Xara), drop me a line and if possible send me an URL where I can see your images. The world is waiting to see your images, so don't be shy. OK?

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