WEBSITE AND WEBSITE GRAPHICS CREATED WITH XARA DESIGNER PRO 6 Download Zipped Tutorial Xara Xone Soccer Ball Tutorial 2010 Gary W. Priester - All rights reserved Here is the finished soccer ball with a few embellishments. As I freely admit, it is not entirely vector. But you can scale the vector portion up and down as needed, and once you have the image at the desired size then you can add the bitmap and Live Effects. And even though we cheated on the shapes, in the final image the shapes look pretty convincing. Thanks to Eric for the challenge. Your comments, questions, corrections and suggestions are always most welcome and helpful. Please use the e-mail link below to send me your thoughts. Or use the “e” button on the bottom of the button bar. Gary W. Priester Host of the Xara Xone Send e-mail Xara Xone Soccer Ball Tutorial 2010 Gary W. Priester This is the final image at 300% which shows more of the detail. I added a bit of texture to the ball by making a 3D BumpMap of some beach sand with a fair amount of transparency to keep the texture subtle.