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December 2001
Group Show

 We conclude 2001 with a group show featuring 29 talented Xara artists. Some of these artists have appeared here in one-person shows, most are never before published artists. All are great.

Xara Featured Artist Group Show 2001
Image by Valery Kouleshov

November 2001
Valery Kouleshov

Valery Kouleshov lives just outside Moscow and works as a commercial artist. His work is richly detailed and his images are wondrous. His sense of lighting is awesome.

October 2001
Alan Burns

Alan Burns has had a multifaceted career including work as a recording engineer for a British record company. Trained as an engineer, Alan worked for a while for a type foundry no longer in business and finally got in to art and illustration. His images are nothing short of incredible.

Image by Alan Burns
Image by Vladimyr Savvateew

September 2001
Vladimyr Savvateew

Vladimyr, who lives in Siberia, is a professional engineer-designer who creates 3D images in his day job and magical, lyrical illustrations in Xara in the evenings.

August 2001
Peter Schwuntek

Peter started producing computer art in the 90s starting with CorelDRAW and graduating to Xara. He called upon his drawing and painting skills to produce this collection of outstanding images.

Image by Peter Schwuntek
Image by

July 2001
Simone Pampado

July’s featured artist creates his incredible award-winning illustrations in Italy. Simone’s watch illustrations are so realistic you’ll swear you can see the hands move.

June 2001
Tao Jones

Tao Jones (also known as Roger Cotgreave) is any thing but average. This artist from the land down under combines Aussie humor with style, vibrant color, and a dash of elegance.

Image by
Xara image created by Jonna Woodard

May 2001
Jonna Woodard

Don’t call Orkin, just check out these incredible images created by Jonna for BugNet. Jonna knows all about bugs, before working for BugNet she worked at Corel.

April 2001
Ross Macintosh

Ross’s architectural career does not get in the way of his obsession with Xara. Xara Conference moderator, Ross pulls out all the stops, in this impressive one-person show.

Image by Ross Macintosh
Rabbits ©Risto Klint

March 2001
Risto Klint

Swedish born, current resident of Montreal, Canada, Risto’s whimsical images and keen sense of design will amuse and amaze you

February 2001
Ivan Louette

This innovative Belgium artist pushes Xara to the outer limits and beyond. Also on display are examples of Ivan’s first love, roses!

Image by Ivan Louette
Image by Dusan Kastelic

January 2001
The Best of the
Featured Artist Page

We kick off the year 2001 with a review of the best Xara art featured in this section over the last two years.

© 2000 Dušan Kastelic

To see more Xara art, visit The Xara.com Gallery

Xara Artists Wanted

Are you a Xara Artist? E-mail us and give us the URL where we can view your images. Please do not send images as e-mail attachments.



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