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Fire Effect Tutorial

by Su Lawrence

Well my hat's off to Gary for doing so many of his tutorials, and doing them so well, this was a lot trickier than I thought it would be.

Thanks again to Steve Newport for posting a photo of fire in the Xara X vs. Photoshop Conference (fire effect) thread in the Xara X forums. I think something went click in my head when I saw that photo as it reminded me of transparent folded fabric, which I felt was a good analogy to work from. So I just experimented to try and get a similar effect.

For this tutorial I decided to go a bit mad and I added some logs and glowing 'coals' to complete the picture.

Mind you, due to the fact that I originally created the flames using rectangles as background guides, it looks a little 'square' in overall shape to be a natural log fire. But not wanting to redo the first parts of the tutorial which were already written, decompiled etc. I took the path of least resistance and so decided to keep the same overall shape, which simplified matters and also kept me sane in the process!

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