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The smaller logs were done with similar settings, but I also added a black linear transparency to make the end of the log, furthest away from the fire, darker. I only used two log shapes and just moved them around to disguise the sameness of shape. Being a bit lazy there!

You might want to experiment with different colours, feathers and resizes; such as maybe resizing the black log shape (with the Bark6 transparency) away from the bottom edge to give a bigger glow there. After doing this tutorial, I decided to give the Step 3. log shape a linear fill, with Med Red on the bottom to accentuate the glow from the 'coals' a bit more. The photo I had as a reference, only gave me an idea of the sort of lighting effects due to it being a totally different colour, shaped fire and logs, so I had to ad lib this a bit, however I am still hunting around for more suitable photos.

Phew! Well I'm off for a cup of tea, it took quite a while to go through all the steps but hopefully it won't take so long for you to go through it! If you get stuck anywhere, don't understand something or have other questions or comments feel free to drop me a line.

~ Su Lawrence

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