I've used one of Joel's bubble patterns for the fill on this page. And, as before, I have added 80% mix transparency to enable you to read the text.

CLICK HERE to go to the Shareware Page where you can download these cool fills.

FILL TIP: The arrow keys can be used to resize a pattern fill. Select the filled object, then select the Fill Tool. Two arrows will appear showing the size of the fill image. Click on the center square and press any of the arrow keys to reposition the fill.

Click either outside square then press the right arrow to enlarge the the size of the fill pattern, or press the left arrow to decrease the size of the fill pattern.

You can create a reader-friendly environment for your text by placing a semitransparent white rectangle under the text. The non transparent portion of the image (another of Joel's Cool Fills) becomes a handsome border.

The font used in this example is Rennie Macintosh. There is an additional font of decorative ornaments, such as the one under the text, for which I used Combine Shapes > Subtract Shapes to remove from the white rectangle letting the darker image show through). Rennie Macintosh and Rennie Macintosh Ornaments are available from EyeWire.com.