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Here is a short tutorial to give you an idea how easy it is to create JavaScript effects using Xara Modules. In this tutorial I will show you how to create the Page Flipper effect.

Step 1 Create your images and export them as either GIF, PNG or JPEG to a folder on your computer.

For this tutorial I have created four images (shown above).

TIP: When using white type over colored backgrounds, place a duplicate of the text (Ctrl K) over the original text. The result is cleaner, more solid-looking text.

Step 2 Log on to the Xara Modules site. You will need to register and create a password. When you do this, Xara creates and places a cookie on your computer. The cookie recognizes you the next time you return so you don't have to go though the registration process again.

Step 3 Enter the Xara Modules Store.

Step 4 Select an effect from the Select a Module menu.

I selected Photo Effects > Book Flip > Create New.

TIP: You can preview any of the modules by selecting the Preview option.

Step 5 Click Add New Image. In the Status Message: text entry box you can enter text that will appear in the visitor's Browser status line. You can also enter an URL if you would like the effect to link to a different page than the default Xara Modules, or you can leave this blank and there will be no link.

Step 6 Press Upload Photo. This takes you to a page from which you can browse your hard drive and select up to six images to upload.


Step 7 Press the Browse... button and locate your first file.

Repeat until you have loaded all the images you want to use.

Press Get Files and Xara Modules will upload the files to their site.

NOTE: You can only upload 6 images at a time. If you need more images, just upload a second set, and more sets if necessary.