Xara X. The Pull-down Menus

        The Arrange Pull-down Menu

Objects are stacked in the order in which they were created from bottom to top. This first set of commands reorders the selected object(s). (See examples at the bottom of this page)

  • Move to Layer in Front Moves selected object or objects up one layer. Only enabled when more than one layer is available.
  • Bring to Front Moves selected object or objects to the front
  • Move Forwards Moves selected object or objects in front of the next object.
  • Move Backwards Moves selected object or objects behind the next object down.
  • Put to Back Sends selected object or objects to the bottom.
  • Move to Layer Behind Moves selected object or objects down one layer. Only enabled when more than one layer is available.
  • Group Groups selected objects, or groups of objects.
  • Ungroup Ungroups a group of objects.
  • Apply ClipView Places selected object on top inside selected object directly below. Similar to CorelDRAW's PowerClip or Adobe Illustrator's Mask function.
  • Alignment... Opens the Object Alignment menu.
  • Join Shapes Creates a compound shape from two selected objects. Areas where objects overlap are removed from the resulting shape. Two concentric circles, for example, when Joined make an O shape with a clear center.
  • Break Shapes breaks individual compound shapes into individual shapes. In the example of the O shape, two circles will be created with no opening in the center.
  • Combine Shapes... Contains 4 path operations. (See examples below)
    • Add Shapes Creates one continuous outline from two selected shapes.
    • Subtract Shapes Removes the shape of the top of two selected objects from the object below. Like a cookie cutter.
    • Intersect Shapes Trims bottom objects of two selected objects into the shape of the object above.
    • Slice (Cut) Shapes Used with a line and a shape, creates two separate shapes as defined by the line. A circle shape placed a top a rectangle will create two shapes. If the circle shape is deleted there will be a circular hole remaining in the rectangle.
  • Convert Line to Shape Converts an open path (line) into a closed path shape that can be fountain filled or have any other operations applied that work with a closed shape such as a rectangle or ellipse.
  • Convert to Editable Shapes Removes the dynamic attributes of an object. Text becomes paths. Blends become a group of objects. Rectangles loose the ability to have rounded corners. Mould Envelopes loose the enveloping ability.
  • Create Bitmap Copy... Opens the Create Bitmap Options dialog to create a bitmap object from the selected object or objects. The original object or objects remain on the page.
  • Fit Text to Curve Conforms selected text to a selected path. Once text has been placed on a path, Remove Text from Curve is enabled which restores the text.


The results of the Combine Shapes paths options. Objects designated with dotted lines automatically delete themselves after performing the operation.


The results of some of the Order commands.